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my 2 pats
GSD pup going free!
Mac my Whippet
taking it easy
Dog suckles kittens, very cute
and then there were more
I've got a new mate
Its salad for you my lad !
whippet x border terrier
border terrier pups
Cruciate ligament problem.
Just in case no one has seen this....
update on jet my whippet pup.
Midland Border Terrier Club year book
daft puppy
blue merle
Dog stolen from nottingham
Look at these and smile.
Whats that healing powder stuff
Home available to a free dog
Dangerous Attack Dogs ?
lurcher pic
Check the books out
****** labradors
the problem with dogs is
pecking order battles
A dog isn't a mans best friend
dog knew best
folies return
Vets again
The Fireworks have started already.
stop press!
Here's mine
whippet pups first walk
Maggie goes mole hunting!
free dog food/chicken food
What's for tea tonight mum?
New pup
Utter moron celebrity....grrrr
Bull Grayhound Painting
are new addopted family member
my new pup
A rare
Doing what a lurcher should do.....
our little girl is growing fast
Bavarian Mountain Hound
Well is it or isn't it?
my first true love
Introducing Rosiemo & Basil
Guess who...
new boy....
Dog Owners Psychology Test
AN IDEA ? Possible Border and Plummer terrier section ?
Meet my dog!
My two borders
Introducing Border Boys!
my littel pack
OTG exclusive .......
Conundrum's at play.
Why do Labs need teeth?
new husky
Search & Rescue Dog Association Wales on the One Show
Out for a walk........
Would you leave this dog unattended eg in car / house
Tosa drawing
I know you're all STILL waiting
Pecil drawing!!!
Springer Spaniel nutter
My new baby
A snippit on the origins of our dogs !
Land to rent
The Whoppet!!
Mr H before and after
Test Picture
Ramsey showing us his attention to detail......
Now the fun begins........
Two Lucky Dogs
My dog's got three balls...
Bdooly puppy farmer ?
Piss Ants dog is a momma!
European Plummer Terrier Society Show...
Collie news story.
Now ready and looking for a puppy!?
My shadow
Fussy eaters
She won't be a baby for long
Can't wait to try these out...
It's a hard life
Really upset with the dogs.
Desperate measures
Space dogs!
A productive
just had to tell someone
tragic death
Modelling career
The new baby is home
A rare moment
wait till hes mum gets home....................
Not the brightest crow in the ....murder, which is
My two dog's....
Andrex Survives !
Did you know....................?
Border morning.
Super day at Cheltenham.
the new baby will be here soon (pics)
Pick your own........
Jack Russell
Looking for a black lab bitch in East Yorks area or nearby.
Eye testing for dogs....
Sasha Pen Hale from Bryntirion, Bridgend.
Queen to stop breeding Corgis
Anyone got a hole that I could borrow ?
Ryhope & Dearne Valley Ratters Show
They're growing.......
It's a hard life for a Border Terrier......
Positive Reinforcement.
Possibly 2 borders found
went to look at the pups today
For the Border lovers!
Lost lurcher dorking surrey.
Dry Skin problem
Bilbo plays with the cats...i think!!??
Billy at eight months
Too much interest in our Lily
The problems that Plummers have with the dimorphism gene...
My Jack Russell
my mutts
My dog..
Anyone recognise this Plummer?
I'm making my bed............................
what a day
Almost two years on!
New arrivals
Third place at the joint BT show in Manchester
Some recent pics...
My Mums Dog
Fit to burst
On the subject of dogs
Ticket to Crufts.
please sir
How many eggs before a dog explodes ?
i am being
Who wants to play ball?
New Kennel....
Advice needed on open wound
Petition to save Sandbag the dog in Basra
Bilbo spots this hare.....
What a dog !
gucci growing up
look what I got for Mothers Day!!!!!!
Missing - North East
Sunday Walkies
Nearly a disaster!
Bo and Buck... recent pics
Dog Groomers - I need your help..
Britons abandon dogs as they quit Spain
Gracey has been spayed today
Any skinners feeder please need advice!
Meet Bessie
A Happy Spaniel... is a wet and muddy spaniel...
My dog warming the soil
Play fair squirrel
Gracey ths morning *pics*
A very old friend!
Portugeuse Water Dog
Just a little bit of nice weather
One very very lucky dog !
My poor dogs paw.
More Buck...
Didillybods Forest Hope
a brave little sole
Winnie the Border Terrier
there's a rat in my garden....
Urgent Advice Needed...
Rebus says.............
Dog watching
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