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Pereg's got the barkies
Over fed ...maybe spoilt
my shep is ill
Agility & Flyball
Not on your Nelly !
No ! You can't have one !
"Now listen here Gus!!!!"
Recovering in front of the telly!
Tilly loves the snow!
Jessie poorly!
Please do not disturb
A morning in the ditch....
My Number One Dog and good hunting buddy - Hank
Our new puppy
My Dogs
These three aren't daft!
Collars and Harnesses
But I only popped ouside for a wee !
Dog Bed
one of my whippets
How does she know?
Keep your pets indoors on firework night...
Jack Russel Pups
Please allow me to introduce you to.....
This Saturday...............
my little dog
Murphy's done it again!
Today was worm pill day for Pereg
Meet the boys.....
Heated kennels...............
Dogs life............
Coughing - Yacking
Dogs and chocolate
Diary of a Saluki
Time out
Dogs and peanuts
2011 Plummer Terrier Calendars.......for sale now.
Ladyslips spoilt Girl
Home Visit booked!
Me Boys!!!
toilet trainedness
what would you do?
Mixing Sexes!
some of our dogs
What do the following have in common?
Our dogs
help - scratching
Remember Amy? UPDATE!!!
new family member
Happy birthday Grace
Waiting for rabies shot
dog and cat
A nice job.
And these are Poppy and Saari (with Smokey and Firkin)
Here's our pair..............
Diving Lab.
Mountain Cur Hunting Trial
Misquoting Lincoln Steffens...
My (Sc)hound(rel)s
The little monster
Looking for a spaniel pup
Baby sitting the ball of fluff!
OMG, another poor thing!
Morning's swim
rebel without a clue??
My new 'grandson'
I volunteer will you ?
my new Mountain Cur pup Tinker
Gas mask wanted
Wimbledon's on - must be time for strawberries!
new dog
or is it a cat
our two on newport beach last week
My 3 Puddled Heads!
my dogs
YES................more sliverware
Dog eats cat
If only they'd bought a Yorkie?
South Lakes Fell and Moorland Show 2010 at Scorton...
Oi Span
oh dear....
Pereg is going to have a day out
Answers please
Wall to wall dog food
Pups on the way!
Found a perfect dog "Pension" for emergency boardi
new Mountain Cur pup
Latest pics of our pack
New Puppy
Flippin' Monster tore arm of my new scooter
Please can i share....????
Plummer Terrier Show - Sunday 4th July 2010
Stuck in the middle of nowhere
timber wolfxhusky????
Our Dogs
For Lea
Update on Jessie
Poor Paw
Pereg and a chewbone
Fern at a Year
Busy times ahead
Romantic liasons...
labrador puppy WANTED
Stopping a dog from pulling
The Boys and Girls
One the wife kept back......
New Team Member
Being threatened for having a dangerous dog
easter on the beach
Plummer terrier ad
Grub up..........
Missing pomeranian - long shot but worth a try
Missing Border Terrier Bitch PLEASE read!
home made treats....
New addition...
Hopefully a small vet's bill
My bunch
A true story
Mans best friend ?
interesting dog tv show
Just a plummer
Iditarod sled dog race, Alaska
sleepless nights
So, just who did eat all the pies?????
An omen ?
internet telly
What a hero!
keeping a puppy quiet ???
Blackie wont be the first
I packed
Flying dogs
bl...y dog
Cane Corso..........Bagzi and HOTSPURS
Err ? Meet George
Shugborough Game
Snoring Dogs ?
Ancestral dogs?
Red and White Border Collie bitch pup.
Sun Bathing
Nice story
My Dogs
Dai's seperation anxiety
Not your average foxer...
buzzards dogs
My Dogs
not a good day
Beware Of Faulty Heating Boilers
Our Meg
Weaky and Hanna having a snuggle.
pups are growing
Please let me play........
Learning to guard
It's a dogs Christmas
Guess what.......
Working Collie Bitch Pup.
my new pups
The out and out B*****d!
Grace gets festive
something up with Mutly..
Rott'E pic!!!!
for Bodger
Why some men have dogs and not wives
you gotta see this pic
Pups grown up.
New Puppy alert
Odd numbers don't work.
Another cracking outing...
shall I?
Small dogs are quite useful...........
2010 Plummer Terrier Calendar......
A few pic's of my Dogs
border terrier free to a very good home
I would have logged on here earlier this morning.
Lucky Nell
Plummer Terrier Calendar...????
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