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border collie available
The diet is working!
Beren update
My 'Get Well' present...
Living with a dog
Labs pup came early
I feel pretty, I feel pretty......
The definitive brain of a dog
Spaniels on SKY TV
new pup
Such a long time
Pilling Moss GDC
Another Spaniel update
what is it with nutters and staffs
Get over.......
Brodies season
i may well look
whippet arrival
hmmmm poor Angus fails to make muster, poor Tom
Walker and his chair
Bdooly hound!
A nice doggy story.
A dog day out
who feeds....
whippet names
Yorkshire game fair
The boys are back in town.
family dog show
anyone know anything...
Oz's Monday morning.
Debbie, how is
The Skooteewu
Dogs home
She definitely needed a haircut!
hi all im new and just like to shere some pics of the dogs
Piccies of Grace
GWP Rescue Photo winner
New Puppies
Puppies are dangerous to your health....
My Dogs
A Dog called Thatch?
Beren and Moya
finding her legs
Breed specific legislation
If Carlsberg did dog shows....
Unbelievably lucky dog!
Short arse!
not one of mine
My beautiful Chihuahuas
Snowy Spaniel Update
Talking of dogs.
For Polly
Our four
Phantom heat cycle?
New addition
Indoor facilities?
Lost in suffolk
irisistable recipes
Do you keep a foriegner in the house?
For Debbie....
All Done!
Lurchers Abandoned...
Devon sprocker lost
How much exercise does your dog(s) get?
Bad traveller
What did we name him after??
Jessie's Ex-Eye - Update PICS INCLUDED!
Big day today...(updated with pics)
At the Vets
Lampshades R Us!
Time for a haircut!
Galvanised Kennel Panels
A Dog is for Life not just Christmas , huh?
A dogs life...Not bad eh!
OTG Grand Forum Dog Competition !
Bad Breath
Selfish Brstards
Growing up!
Lost Norfolk / Lincs
Dog kennels/runs - show me yours!
Its an ill wind....
the infamous Fenton
Kips Christmas Choir
New Puppy
does it come in 3's ?
seren the naughty husky
Stolen from Poole, Dorset
blind dog
I'm the boss.....
Nite Ize meteorlight (disco) ball for dogs
new kid on the block
Poor old guys.....
Tin Hats On For This One!
Have you ever seen . . .
Tillys new collar.
update on new collie
Don't you just love em...............
Take one hunting horn......................
Now thats
Whippet size lurcher wanted
the new collie
She can't be comfortable can she?
clip border collie
A very big thank you to Darren
Ruddy hell it's happened again!
European Plummer Terrier Society Show 2011
Caught in the Act 3
8th Birthday
Does anyone feed BARF diet?
Another litter
Lost black Labrador
Bramble's Highland Fling. (pic heavy!)
Got to
Dropping to shot
Going for a stroll...
Update on Mitzi Sporting Lucas terrier
Terrible twos....................
Update on Pereg
The Old Dog.
Off Colour Border Collie
My dogs.
Watch this dog talking !
Home-made Flyball & Agility Jumps (Photo S-B-S)
Labrador Puppies
Geriatric dog advice please.
Caught in the Act 2 ..... Ozzified.
Have you heard of a Podengo?
Oz's first ever trip to the beach.
Too Hot!
My dog is an Olga fan!
Caught in the act!
The May Queen
First run for a month
Buster and Oi
Daisy Dog
whippetX bull
Another seizure
A safe home for Pereg
A trawl through the photo album.
taking Reiver to visit with Twister
We have pups!
The Misommer Murders dog.
its a dogs life
The Future
Jessie in the vets!
Loopy Dogs?
Norty Doggy!
Bdooly dumped dogs
DCM in dogs
How does she know?
Just for a laugh - give your dog a set of dentures
Normally well behaved dog....turns bad!
introducing buddy
Keeping this one...
Another 2 of mine
My other little gem Nellie
Dokken's workout.
i am looking for
My Boy Pepper
More pups!
Brown Stains on your lawn
Silly idea.....
Shame but it was going to happen...
My mob.
Just trying
eyes in the back of my head
My new pup
Poor little b****r
Three salukis stolen
Pair of JRT's in Rescue
Todays walk with the big un's!
New snow.....
Pereg's new harness and collar!
Jack Russell pups
Meet the gang!
Heartwarming story
The Korean meatballs debate
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