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how did you pick
Feeding dogs
Favourite Puppy Picture of your Dog!
It's happened again.
Dog Food
Dog Retrieves his Best Friend
Remember Grace?
At long long last
I'm writing an article
it aint all sunshine
A new neighbour
Eve - Sad story/happy ending - Update
my two
HELP - can anyone remember an article??
Gracey pup!
hit asnd miss house training
Happy christmas from old Tol
what is it about socks ???
off to the last show of the year.
Molly at 10 months
For those here with Border Terriers....
Utilitarian breed
Dirty Dog
A different version of "Twas the Night Before Christmas
Bodger has.....
A day at the Vets
Are you keeping the wrong sort of dogs ?
It's this type of day today
Help ... Bobs training
Doggy Triumphs thread
Birmingham L.K.A. dog show.
Just to get Kaz worried !
This made me laugh
An exhausting day
Grace is almost 4 months old now!
look at these
Doggy Disaster Thread
Gundog Grades
Bobs day out ... in his own words ...
New dog
eye contact..
New friend
a plummer forum
Help I'm not gonna have a house soon
Only an American!!!
Anti-bounce Advice Please!
How fast can you read........
Interesting site
Canine dignity
My mates not well.
Thoughts on a winter walk
vanity post
A bad photo competition
Irish black and tan terriers
Plummer terrier Briar
So come on Doodle ...
Good old Border Terriers!!!
new pup
Naughty puppy! *photographic evidence*
Young Nelly
plummer terrier pup for sale
Tom's first rabbit
Damn Dogs....
This is Disgusting.........beware if eating!
New show cart.
Come back Doodle
A Super Lurcher Calendar
My Dawgs! All 4 of 'em!
Kennel Cough
Its a dogs life
Pass on thanks to conundrum
Afternoon stroll
Peace at last
Darent look
Tilly has a new coat!
My boys
New companion for Toffee
Stafford CC show anyone?
Vet surgery
new member of the pack
I'm going to watch....
Our new pup
Rebus playing rugby today!!
Flea Control. " Spot on"
frontline and worm control ,
Can dogs get colds?
For Vash
New cage bargain with photos
Meet Maximus Giganticus!
Dogs Naughty Mat!
Fox Terrier pup
We set off for the Welsh Terrier club open show today
Grace update!
Help you around the house?
Bichon Frise
stick sharing
Pics from the Highlands...
The little rat
Pic for Jim
My hounds
My Lurchers
little legs
Just saying Hi from my Bunch
How many?
Tilly and Grace *pics*
just a few pics of the dogs
Even more photos, - sorry! - you did ask for them!
Grace after her first night
Puppy smells
A little grace in the house
WE WANT TO SEE THE PUPPY! - OK - Pictures here!
Well have you seen the puppies yet?????
Irish Terrier
Grumpy Terrier
The lab
Going to see puppies on wednesday!
Hip scores
My girl
do you think he will fit in?
Guess the breed
Is your dog an extreme sniffer?
Never owned a gun dog
I'm going out for the night
Just got back from show
shall we call him jack
Had a call from a weepy friend today
Deer Hounds
To build the perfect Lurcher. The impossible quest !
Dog health question
conundrum you back then?
up to date gsd pic
Walking the dogs
Our Dogs
Off to Horse and agri show tomorrow
my dogs
Puppy Prices
And your next puppy
The Responsibility of owning a dog????
A better nights training
Bob has got his Kennel Club Puppy Foundation Award!!!
Abandoned Mission
Raw food for dogs
A dog called... well, dog, at the moment.
How does your dog smell ?
Fruit & Vegetables....
Dogs and hot weather
How do you make your dog howl?
Place your bets now
This brought a tear to my eye
Why do people do that?
Super dogs..
stupid dog video
collie question
Terrier Theft
this is frightening
Aghh Show Sunday -beginning to panic, any tips?
Nosie abatement orders
my Nelly
Gold Award
the quiet dobie!
magnetic dog collars
Finns day out in Plymouth
Border Terrier Keepers
Taking Kenya to a Dog Show tommorrow....
Then there was one.....
There are two sides to every dog
my mates
My new dog
Hey Dunk !!!
Your first dog
objective opinions please
Uses of the dog
Lennys training lesson today
Holly and Herbie
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