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Here's Lucy
Big lad now!
Jack's new girlfriend is home!
took a stroll w/ the mountain cur this morning
Pedigree names for....
another number 3
Some of mine 1
Dont look
Update on Tiny
It's my fault......
Not doing enough!
She was
folies babies
one for all dog lovers
What a Booger !
Opposites attract.
update photos of my mountain cur
What to do with bones
Just to say...
My hounds
My dogs
Keep getting reminded of this
Diving Lessons
Dotties puppies
boy and pup
Went to see a pup....
Harvey pup had his first ever obedience test today
Did you just peck my nose? Fierce lurcher pic warning...
Update on Pup
my dog
Heart Murmur in pup
Rotties???????/ Huh!!!!
ever had this happen?
One rolled PIA
12 Orphan Puppies
Thieving B******s
Relaxation tips from the field
Recommended camping places anyone?
Missing Plummer Terrier.
Send in the dogs ITV now
Today pics..
Tilly has come into season today for the first time ever.
For the "spud" and anyone else with a couple of mi
Messing around
Lazy Sunday
It's Spiderdog!!!!!!!
Tried a spray collar today.
My rather eccentric greyhound
BBC article on dog theft
Piccy of hubby daughter and dogs
Scone palace game fair - what a result
And then there was one.
The boys.
Parents new puppy! Major fluffy teddy bear cuteness alert
Kennel work
The country is going to the dogs.
Dogs?, here's some for ya...........
Stray Dogs
I wouldnt mind but
More Puppy Pics
Pups piccys
And now for some good news
Day out with the minkhounds... daughter and her dogs
The big puppy.
Shock collars banned in Wales
Preparing a dog for a test
Dowsing for pups
Bo update!!
My dogs - loads of pics
Lap dog
Really sorry, but...
A few 1st's.
Programme on now.
Huh - the text YOU DON'T want when you are at work
Ever so slight, change of plan...
The sun's a bit bright mum
Two of my mutts.
Help please,car sick dog.
My posh picture at last
dog fight
Few pics.
I knew he had it in him!!
Should i
Southern Border Terrier Show
Should I???
Does she hunt rabbits ?
Been to Woodfest today.
Skylar's big trip
Brynn and Dee
Nell & Co.
Dog on the run
Zak - Almost 5 weeks old...
Border Terrier Breeders
Nelly had a date.
Not a working dog as such.
Sin of sins?
Can labradors explode?
Recent pictures just because
My experience of a large litter
Isis's mum and friends
Bit of fun
Introducing Min and Isis.
Busy says "ENOUGH already!"
some time just some times :q52:
The Local Copper
puppy update 2 wks old
all but 2
It's MY basket
For sale update
Rabies in a quarantine facility!!
Slinky Black on Leather.
Malvern dog show tomorrow.
Dog in the passenger seat.
My Tess and pup's
Petal's first Walk
Sheep worrying!
Killer lurchers
Unbeleivable -propositioned yet again!
Thought her friend was home
was sent this link
Grace is traumatised...
Worming your dog . . . . . .
very naughty terrier!
Full flight
My Girls
deaf puppy
How the breed varies......
a few puppy pics of our latest
Soooooooooooooo proud.
Happy Birthday Bob
traffic shy dog
Well would you beleive it
few pics of the pups today
What is he up to ?
new kid on the block
All 5.
Advice needed...
updated pic's of the pups
dogs having fun in the sun
what now ????
How do I overcome my fear of dogs?
She must be ill!
Tail Docking
Shove over ! How much room do you need ?
Plummer puppies
Doodles new camera and Tilly
How does he spend a penny ?
Good thoughts please - missing dog
Dog jungles and ferries
Dog Panniers
Doodles bdooly Labrador Puppy
fun wet afternoon
Ridgway Sue
Crufts. What if any breed would you have had ?
update pics on pups
my new pup
From disaster to triumph in 24hrs
What am I doing at this time in the morning - huh???
Nowt as queer as folk.
new pics, 3 days old
a few pics of my puppies.
Do you take your dogs camping?
Irish Water Spaniel
Oh how they grow....
Pet Insurance
Do dogs catch colds.
elephant dog
vicious dogs
May have been posted before..
poor little thing
stolen dogs
Canine dental hygiene
Do you scoop that poop?
Can dogs show emotions?
Storm wants a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel...
What's a Whirrier?
Nearly 3am (dogs will be shot later!!!!)
Bladder infection?
My mates Springer pup.
The toy dogs fad !
sense of humour
If you like greyhounds......
Want a name for your puppy?
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