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Pest Control
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Finally !
If you go down into the woods today ?
Professional rabbit snaring book
What's this?
Back in the Saddle !
Mole Traps.
Friends Reunited ?
Some new mole traps for the new year.
New traps?
Hows the rat catching going Bodger ??
A mystery solved ?
Mouse problem? You need one of these
I moved the trap
Last Night - Thirty Photos.
Curses !
Oh Great !
Ladder Trap
Judas Bird.
Mole Catching Revisited?
Caught This Lad!
Its all change from 2016
Three magpies caught this morning in the space of an hour.
The old chestnut of a fox trap?
I thought I'd lost it!
Fenn taps, a useful indication.
Magpie shooting
Fox Trap from shopping trolley
A bit of a result.
Vine weevils.
Duff Magpie?
Mole Problems
Royal Mint
It must be nearly spring.
Fox alert again
Over the weekend.
Ferret advice
Rats ,
Armed and ready to go.
Fingers crossed.
Wasp trap bait
Grey Squirrels.
Fox trap
Rat in kitchen
larsen trap
JEEEEEEZZZZZ This would take the cheese and the biscuit!
Easy access rats
Fox trap action.
Rat man has been
New Rat Trap
squirrel pipe trap
Best bait
Rat DNA study needs samples
I set one of these last night.
Best Rapid Knockdown Wasp Killer ?
Crows again.
Jaguar rat and mouse poison?
Fox trap plans
Mouse Blitz.
Mink...........or otter?!
Rats and Mice
The number of rats in the UK?
Weasel? Stoat? Mink? or other?
The Mole Catcher of Versailles
Rat poison - cheapest place to buy ?
free pest control
What is it
Lots of Squirrels about ( Greys )
A few more than I thought.
ratting clubs?
Increased work for our pestie friends?
pest control
A load of cobblers!
Larson Trap
Black Rats?
so far...
i may have got...
Rat Poison and Carrion
A weasle is weasly recognised - a stoat is stoatly different
on the rats
Releasing a Bear - What happens next ?
Fox trap?
Sparrow Hawks
best option?
Basil plant
Decoy in a Larsen
Stinky fox !
I got it ! That damned mole !
Mouse trek! The next generation.
Dead fox in chicken run today this afternoon
Slugs...... to kill or not to kill??????????
On going saga of ??Mink
Wood worm?
Is it a mutant rat? Help wanted!!
Fenn traps
HELP....... What is at my strawberries????
My first Bee swarm in 20 years
Larson trap
Keeping flies out of the kitchen
Magpie eating baby robins - Larsen Mate trap
Watch this Mouse in Action
Fifty tons of Rat Poison.
Rats in the compost bin...............
Wicked-looking thing, this...................
Fox proof enclosure for hens
Muntjacs - little problem not sure solvable
Mink Control.
fox trap?
Tracks. Your opinions please.
A fox, believed to be the biggest ever found in Britain
Got a rat :(
Manky chicken bits.
Rabbit Problem
Dried potato flakes and rats ?
any chance
Mink mennace, best bait
grey squirrel
A fox may have taken our Puddytatt :-(
Help-something big has eaten the fennel!!
Quick dip anyone?
A bit of summer rabbiting....
Two firsts for Kip
shooting a fox
Keeping house flys out of your house
Pest controle vacancy now filled
Flea beetle deterrent!
Ants in the compost bin
Got permission to go ratting!
I have mice
rat problem
I'll be topping up the rat poison tomorrow.
Another Cane Toad in the making ?
Fox trap
Pigeon Shooting available Rugby
Grey Squirrel Poll
Got Him
Anyone else have serious mole
Sleeping Fox
ratting with plummers
First frost of the season.
For all the mole catchers out there!
Thankfully only in the moment...
uses for unwanted bunnies
I'm going to set some mole traps today.
An Old Book
Fenn Traps
working Terriers near Newport
Funnel Mouse Trap - filmed in action
Wasp tragedy
At least there's twenty odd less
Flea beetle?
Serious Cabbage White Infestation!
Explosion of pest cotrollers here!
The Rat Pack. 8.30pm on BBC 1 this coming Thursday.
Fly Control
Fenn Trap advice please
Petition to ban the rodenator in the UK
Squirrel Pie Anyone.
waiting for unlucky rat 13
I've started in earnest.
i HATE rats !!!
Medieval Banquet Anyone ?
Mole catching.
Multi catch Mouse Trap
How do I make a rat smoker?
Eye eye !
Orchard rabbit damage.
Egg shells and nut shells........
One against many.
get rid of a squirrel?
Rabbit guards going on today.
the most ridiculous quote from Kill cook eat IT
looking for a post
unwelcome visitor
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