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Pest Control
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Above my bed every night.......
Mole trapping my way
Snare anchors for foxes
Show hens and mice do not mix.
Making a set for my new Fenn
Help RATSs
Letting off Fenn traps
Natural Tunnels for traps
Rabbit traps.
Not Knotweed.
Not our usual find
I missed something in the fenn trap last night.
Whip snaring rats
Larson traps for magpies
Help with moles please
Needed in Hampshire - Fox Trap
I thought I'd got one this afternoon.
A Problem with rat poison
Squirrel baitstation
A couple of rats....
Finger licking good.
bdooly rats
The vet on the phone reckoned it could be badgers.
A new form of squirrel control.
Cats fouling in my vegetable patch
fox trap?
Fenn traps
Another Rat question
Wasp Nest In Muck Heap
Felt a bit mean actually..
A nice picture for Gareth From BBC Wales.
Black squirrels.
An interesting snippit !
I have some large garden pests!
Magnus The Magpie...
This may interest some of you............
Larson Trap
Huge black wasp or hornet
Friend or Foe?
A healthy cat catches more vermin
Something hitched a ride...
stoats and weasels
The mole gets it today !
this morning
Moles and Molehills
Neokil rat poison
scaley leg
Cornish Mouse Trap
Rats and Mice
Well thats early
another Rat Problem
New rat deterrant on the Market
Smoke bombs any know where i can buy some from
Some serious ratting advice for Ratman.
The rats are back with avengence and causing me grief
Rat Poison
Secure Rabbits
trapping weasels and stoats
Mice in the loft
rat problem
Fox problem
Spot on
Going well
Mad machine
A Giant step forward in Pest Control !
Wasp Nest
rabbit problem
I've come out of retirement
sheep ticks
what is it
Flying ants
Rat Poison
The most efficient durable RAT TRAP?
Contract Killer Wanted
Wasp Nests
Mosquito bites
Urgent - mouse trap ideas needed
Anyone after a job in pest control?
Goslings and rats
Red ants
foxes & cats
Fish pond
The ants are back
More Squirrel Trapping Piccies
mark 4 fenn traps
Bed Bugs
Molehills in odd places
Springer into action!
I'm going to set up the Larson trap tonght.
Moles and Traditional Molecatchers
Cockroaches tomorrow
The proverbial Rat Run
Primed and Ready
Has anybody
How do you lamp rats ???
Carniverous plants
Something is chomping our lemon tree.
Garden Ants
An Old Favourite on Rats
Rats in the Ditch
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