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No Footprints
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Do you ever have problem with noisy neighbours ?
Our insatiable desire for cheap food ?
A Brilliant use of Pig Poop !
off grid
An absolute disgrace !
Wine Slag !
A good idea!
Its not natural
Eating Healthily?
bit of news
Making another log store.
Cheap Electricity?
Solar powered workshop?
I'd live in a house like this.
New Solar/PV challenge
Affordable safe power?
Half of all the worlds food being wasted!
Well we've certainly been watching our fuel consumption.
Plastic free..
The way to go?
Low carbon technology will not mean bigger bills.
Nuclear Power
Solar Panel Survey this Evening.
A large increase seen in the use of rural train services.
Just a reminder!!!!
A win win situation ?
If Germany can do it, then why don't we?
After the disappointment of Malta
So how many bins....
Interesting Article on Wind Farms
Dying for a swim??
Green energy source?
Plans passed for a solar park.
New Fridge keeps cool Developed near Bodger
The use of flail mowers?
No Severn Barrier
Clothes line bans
Now I'm not genned up on this sort if thing
Wind Farm?
Litter on the Beach
POLO'S . The mint with ?
The Art of Recycling
So the next time that you run out of petrol on a journey.
Peak Oil
10 ways vegetarianism can help save the planet
Phew! Whats that you've got brewing ?
Out of season and from way outside the UK.
People in glass houses ?
Community Orchards.
composting toilet plans!
Lots more of the same please.
How is the snow on your roof ?
Its not taken us that long to ruin it.
A Real Hero !
Cow Breath !
Forget Carbon Trading.
Stamp It Out
A small bonus?
Recycling leaves.
These people are not to blame.
OK. So here's an idea for you.
Gorse/Furze Fuel and feed
Fastest log splitter
Masonry Stove ( Moved from Biomass- hijacking thread)
A Genuine Queston About Bio Mass
The way forward. Larger ships mean lower carbon footprint.
Enforced energy saving !
Rising oil and food shortages.
renewable energy
Solar Trombe Wall
One nil to the good guys
Collect lots of low grade heat. Solar Trickle Collector
Whats all this about ?
Solar PV July results
Solar water heating
Wind & Solar Power Site/Forums
Share and share alike, the "War-time" mentallity?
June's Solar PV results
Solar panels ?
Eat a cow and save the planet !
A Greener Homes and Building Show
Nuclear Power. Proposed New and Reused sites announced.
Not the planets saviour. Bio Mass Fuel.
I'm going to buy Kaz a top of the range cooker !
Brown wheely bins
A great pioneer passes away.
Waste of space?
Biodegradable rubbish sacks at last!
Oh Cra* !
Where do you stand ?
Grass the fuel of the future ?
Rhug Estate
Having a sort out.
I've decided to show footprints...
Wales leading the way with proposed levy on Plastic Shopping
Recycling ink cartridges
I say stuff the big developments
Councils turning street lighting off ?
Green Fish
Wood preservative
Older people and ....
19 square mile of ice shelf
Time to jump of this particular band wagon ?
One Massive footprint going to be left.
Recylcing waste oil
Two interesting articles on the BBC News website this
another stove question
Just a drop in the ocean
Wellington boots
Wood burning stove?
Duchy Originals. This goes to show that its equally
The Farmers set aside scheme looks doomed.
The Off Grid Energy Handbook
Nothings is ever simple.
Is double glazing environmentally friendly?
Recycled Fire Pit
A Novel Way to Recycle Glass Bottles
Alternative Energy
Amish - Plain People
Wild or wot!
How useful do you think one of these might be.
A thought for today - and many morrows
In your shop?
He's been a little bit slow
If you didn't know better
Football in Russia
If you are properly green, you tie women to the house
GM EU vote on May 7th.
No landfill waste from your house?
Yet another rainforest is being clear-felled for our greed.
No Plastic At All?
First organic Cod Farm Fails.
Earth Hour 29.3.08
A really useful and worthwhile project.
Save 30 a year
Water meters - who's got one?
Coffee Grounds Recycle Them and Make Mushrooms :)
Pooping in the Garden
Not a good result.
Recycling, whats the point?????
Plastic Bags
council recycling
Large Profit by Gas Company Reported.
So ! Whats the first green thing that you do in the
Check their green credentials
Paper log makers
Sob !
Act on CO 2
Welsh Uplands - Article by Alistair Crowle
An interesting diary or journal that I've been following.
our own small thing
What is it with these people ?
Its a shame we can't really Boycott their goods !
Burger Bar Power Station Plan Cancelled.
Canadian Salmon at threat
On BBC News this morning.
Re-cycling house plants
My prediction is this.
Another Town comes out against Plastic bags !
Business doing something good
Petrol prices biting in the US.
Free cycle
Now thats my sort of builders.
Worm farm
What we always knew, or at least thought we knew.
Am I fick ? ( Don't answer that, Its a rhetorical question )
Whatever happened to taking your pudding bowl
Travel by ship its cleaner and greener
Coal v Timber
No way is this green Energy !
Gas V lecci
solar power
Tree planting campaign
Apart from the price what do you think of this ?
Carbon Footprint of crisps
Annita Roddick Dies !
Have a quick look through this
An expensive load of rubbish ?
Outrageous Wasters
More woolly thinking over refuse.
New housing plans will hit Green Belt
Air Traffic Protestors
Non-recyclable supermarket packaging
The paper trail
McDonalds go Green
our wind turbines (lots of pics)
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