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Waxwings......some pics a friend took
Gale force......
Vale of Clettwr Hunt
Sleeping dogs
Random Pictures
The end of the rainbow is...
do you know
Some more cracking photos of around Wales.
Hello, again
Blessington Lakes
Wild Life Photographer of the Year.
The picture of a life time?
Sunrise on Tryfan
Unknown mushroom
Our Area and Farm.....
Ardingly Game Fair 2010 part 2
Ardingly Game Fair 2010
Fall (Autumn) in Ontario
Badger Face
Is this a..........
You Beautiful Cow !
Being Nosey
Ynys Llanddwyn
A little visitor
Another walk out.
Tryfan again
A few blooms
Alyth Hill
Inchkeith Island.
Where's the cows
Eastbourne Airshow 2010...part 2
Eastbourne Air Show 2010....Part 1
Horse boating
Finaly ...
The Cracking colours of Nature part deux
The cracking colours of nature
Is this a .............
Lidt billeder fra vores have
Some random Pics
Inside blokes under garments
Got a new bird
Dogs and flowers
Alf's school sports
Pictures of Lily 2
getting used to pics
where we
Almost ready to fly
Warning about my Website
Royal anglian parade :-)
Tonights sunset
A stroll around Red Wharf Bay
inspecting the rhubarb
Llyn Serw
Landscaping finished...
Arenig Fawr
this mornings stroll...oops too many photos
new member of the family
Snowdon in may
Cat food... er no..
Radio 1 big weekend photos! Amazing day!
Bramley Blossom
Dog tired.
Amazing Pictures from the Volcano in Iceland
Some stunning views for you to see here.
Light as a
Summit of Arenig Fach
Making the most of the light up the Farm
And your favourite is?
some nosey neighbours
inspection of the des res
A bit of Spring cleaning before moving in
some pictures that are out of this world
A lunchtime walk.
Easter Fayre
some pics for Border
The largest treehouse ever!
Water features
Is it summer
Ar Lan Y Mor
It's OK Graf
Guess it must be Sprung then
Mobile home
Where I live and hunt my dogs
6 Nations Aftermath
Got my eye on you.
Well worth a second look.
Colour's in the Garden recently
French Copper Blue Marans.
Australorp Large Fowl.
still working for a living
Okay, The Wedding and My Birthday
Jubilee Indian Game.
New camera
Garden Cricket
todays walk
Oh yeh, the rugby!!!!
bloomin geese...
A Sticky End
Talyllyn and beyond....ish
one of this
Bored at work.........
Lunch is about to be served.
Venus Fly Trap
Wasp on Fusia in Snow
Socks speak volumes
Wales won then Dad?
Yoo Hoooooooooooo
Cornish holiday
White chicks in a snow storm
Little Miss Clapton
13 months later.............................
This is what i have been mostly....*
Down at the harbour
Cwm Idwal
Trip to Arenig Fach
Michael 'Nick' Nichols
We've got triplets
Tell me..
Can you remember..........
New vistor
It's at times like this
One of my favourite times of year
I'm sure that none of you would stoop so low
snow time
In the garden today 19/01/10
End of the Snow
Island Vacation Contest Help
red sky at night
Alf's first action pix
in hibernation
More of the white stuff...and my lil dog!
Pix from inside the car
Sky pig and cotton wool horizons
Hmmmm, looks OK up there guys
Snow in West Oxfordshire
I'll just sit here then?
Could really do with some help on these..
Oh Baby it's cold outside!!!
Swinging in the snow
A walk in the snow
Ice cold pix
A gentlemans ablutions
The old liquid lunch
Frosty Badger Faces
Boy Racers!!!!!!!
Winters past on the farm
Who's been eating..........
Stunning Wallpapers for Desktops
Nice ones.
Archery festival.
A sunrise with Sheep'n'Geese in the mist!!
Some Mono stuff for the Farmer
Forever the Oppotunist..
The latest "Alf" shot
Walk to the plot!
Chavvy Light Competition
There's not many pics of me to be had
Seventies antique!
Your "watch" then Dai
Autumn in Norwich
Random Pics of my Rabble
We were at the first one.
Colder as you get older
About this re-cycling stuff?????
Wildlife Photographer of the Year.
Forest fire
Pictures around Wales
The Autumn Picture Competition
If you like the colour Yellow.....
Poultry overload.
Dad's Army
Just got to have a drink, so very very
Maybe a word in their "shell-like"............
Butterfly in the back garden
That beautiful Sunday we had last week....
Tonight's sunset
still blooming
Pretty Pictures
The Final lot from a Scottish Adventure!
Click "Lily The Leaf"
The Searchers
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