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Blue Moon
White Flora in the Garden
Winning British Wildlife Images
A couple of macro shots from this morning....
The Over the Gate Calender for 2013
OTG Calender 2013
Infra Red Black and White
just a few photos
A couple of recent pictures
A chicken..
Can anyone I.D the Spider for me please??...
Olympic Eventing
end of the rainbow
Some Nice Flora and Colours in Ma's Garden
A couple from this week
The poppies just pip the waterfall for me.
Out of focus but...
Bums into the wind girls !!!
Some colour from last week
Photo Shopped ?
Forth bridge
Poppies in the breeze today
Whats been going on...
Pushing the boat out for the Diamond Jubilee
Flora and a Swallow
Black Lab
Sixty Years Ago
Breakfast time
Over the fence
Evening stroll
The moon at sunset
Some photos of my travels around the local area!
Gone Fishing!!
a few from this morning
A walk in the local quarry....
Photo's from the Past-Part 1-Wild Flower's
Photo's from the Past-Part 2-Wilder side of the Countryside
Photo's from the Past-Part 3-Flora from the Gardens
Tilly and Maggie
feed me
Change of Portfolio address
in the field next door
One of the very few perks to my job!
Stable mates
punks n birds
Some photos from the last week...
The Surrey Hills
Aberystwyth sunset
Over Our Gate
Here come the Flower's!!
Yet another Reed Bunting!!
Dont think she would approve
Some bird photos
Spot the chocolate egg
Rather Frosty Morning!!
The Hounds have it for me, what about you?
Snowy walk today
Todays Walk
Good Queen Wenceslas...
Some pics from a walk this morning.....
Some Snow from down here in Sussex
Snowdrop Competition
Skiing in Saalbach, Austria
Ripe for renovation?
Lake District
Cedum at Dawn
Hidden Valley Trespasser
These are not photographs.
Some early morning Colour
Flowers from my garden New Year's Day 2012
Morning walk
paperless chrimbo cards
Some Welsh belters here.
Sunrise a couple of weeks ago
Couple of recent one's
Autumn Berth.
At the going down of the sun
Today's pictures
time to bring him in?
Matching Hare ?
November already
A Misty Morning in the Pig Pen
Ascending Tryfan by the West Face Gully
Which one?
yesterdays adventure
Vote for me if you like it!
Kingston Ridge
Tom meets his hero
Run of the mill?
Best of British wildlife caught on camera
You'll absolutely adore some of these.
A cold, wet photograph
When the cows come home
Jetman Flight at Grand Canyon West
Where are they now?
Catching a few rays !
From Moors and Romans to Swamps and Indians
Recent Images of Floyd
Butterbean - The Moor in 'Moorview'
Pigs, Dogs & Chickens
As way of a change
A Visit to the swamp
Anyone care to guess the name of this flower?
Curly Tail
Couple from yesterday
A few pics from the back garden today......
Lipari. (a bit pic heavy)
Day in the conwy valley and the mines!
Breath taking pictures from around Wales
log house going up
Day out walking
roses in the sunshine
not quite a perfect pair
An earlier pig pic
Some Pig Pics
Nice one duck.
Could this scene have a name?
More beautiful pictures from Wales.
Not really what you want to see while walking the dogs
Texas Fires
All change picture heavy.....
Absolutely Breath Taking !
Catching my eye
Around Wales.
Confused Blackbird
first outing of the year
Skiing in Val Thorens last week
we start them young
From a Little Village near myself
Morning stroll in the Roaches
Quick walk round
Been working in London again.
The heron gets the nod from me.
Baby Pictures
You know things are not quite right...
Y Foryd
Face at the Window
Portfolio shots for a friend.....
I havn't been a very good member recently.......
Just some randon pics from this afternoon
More pictures from around Wales.
Skiing in the French Alps *pics*
Home is where the heat is..................
Random shots
More of the best from around Wales.
Couldn't be any less of a countryside photo....
a nice pool
Big Pacific swells...
A snowman.........
Belvoir Hunt
A few more Kauai pictures.
I never tire of snow pictures.
Lumahai Beach
Wot!!!! No wings?
A few
Snow Business 2
Snow Business
Snow fun
I'm not cold anymore!
ice pics
Drowning beautiful
Its snow joke
Dancing On Ice..............
If this is the ice...................
I wonder what they are looking at
Recent Snowfall in Sussex
Photoshoot today.....upcoming new model.
More Snow Essex
Snowy Essex
Snowy Lincs!
i just had an hour off
Snow Trouble
Snow Dogs
Cold frames
Oh Gus, your boys are feelin the cold!
A few shots from a walk near the Ceredigion Coast
Home Site
Hunt pics 2
Hunt pics
You remember Alf started taking photos..........
I think that you'll agree
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