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raspberry yoghurt ice
freezing sloes
Yummy chickpea recipe.
Celeriac with Venison
easy peasy tomato chutney!
How do you pickle eggs?
Chocolate nut brownies - if you're on diet don't look!
Lovely Irish Beef at sommerfield less than 1/2 price
Preserved Ginger in Syrup - RECIPE now added.
That Damned Wabbit ! Half way through doing this.
More dried tomatoes going in,
Firm, white fleshed fish
nettle chutney
Partridge recipes please
Stuffed Mushrooms
Recipes needed
Six things to do with six rabbits
For supper tonight....
Spicy pigeon salad.
Nicked from UKTV Food Site
Pumpkin and Cheese Soup
Victoria Plum Jam
conger recipies anyone?
Caramel shortbread squares topped with choccie
'whats about' chutney
Seasonal Treat - Roast Tomato and Onion Pasatta
Its that time again.
corned beef
Ice Cream Recipes
Queenies for supper tonight !
a must have gadget!!!!!!!
Fattening puds
Remember Gareth's toffee?
Plum Jelly
Bodgers caught crabs !
Wanted and pretty damn quick.
Bacon pudding
scallops done in sherry
pork Pie
Crunchy liver.
Garlic Chilli Chicken.
Rabbit Stew Recipe Suggestions
Thai Red Curry
Carrot cake
Wanted simple crunchy nutty flapjackie type recipe.
Broad beans
Jack Hargreaves kidney recipe.
Safritto Napoletana (spel?)
My winning chicken and bacon dinner for two.
Making this one tonight for Kaz.
Pickling eggs..
North Staffordshire Oatcakes
Back to basics
Scrummy Yummy
Duck Eggs
Bounty of the Fields.
Toffee making, I need lots & lots of help, Please.
Chilli omelette
Louisiana Hot Sausage..
Mealie pudding..
Mackerel Omlette
Useful link
Does this section need to be split?
Who likes Humous
Cowboy Stew
Yummy pasta
lord woolton soup.
Creamed Horseradish Sauce
Mc Fruity Mackerel Recipe.
Gareth's Blackberry Vinegar
Lambs Kidneys
I made chocolate truffle clusters.....
Stuffed Mushrooms
Out of the freezer into the oven !
Game pie
Lapin au Vin
Belgian Venison in Beer with Onions
Its got to be Summer soon hasn't it ?
Lamb Kleftico
Two sausage Recipes
pancakes with---------
How to cook Bunnie Wunnies
Beef/Chicken/Lamb Stew and Dumplings
Basic Hard Cheese and Ricotta Cheese
Double drunken pork tenderloin
Fishes Squirrel recipe
Gourmet fungi's sweet chilli jam
Pea and ham soup for tea
Seville Marmalade
Spiced prawns
Pigsty Pie (Howard's favourite)
Vons Poultry Sausage
Red Pepper Sauce
Flats sweet.
Bacon Burger and beef Jerkey
Bayou Bunny
Another jerky recipe
Duck Stew with Dumplings
Cottage Pie
Another sausage recipe
Potato Sausage
Apple & Herb Jelly
Roast Tonight
more mince than dale winton!.............
lets make bacon baby!
spicey cran berry dip!
a simple cranberry sauce,its..................
mr fluffy....................
Full on Sausage making
Spicey Pumpkin Soup
Chinese Prawn Toast
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