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Crafts and Country Skills
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MWK whisk broom
Key ring fobs/zipper pulls
Breast Cancer Awareness Fobs
Looks finished?
zipper pulls
Baby blanket?
Blankets, blankets and blankets.
Does anyone do wool patchwork ?
There are walking sticks
Anchor Knot
mini whisk broom
Hey Asemery: What do you recommend?
Key ring fob
14 face globe knot
Anyone wildcraft essential oils ?
Ola's shawl
herringbone lanyard knot
Two strand stopper knot
water bottle carrier
wrist lanyard
pineapple and globe knots
globe knot
Side-button knot
Spanish Ring Knot
Interwoven TH knots bracelet
extended lanyard knot lanyard
single strand wrist lanyard with 2 lower loops
Single strand lanyard
eiling fan pull/ringbolt hitching
Lone Star Knot
Paracord Mat Tutorial
Chinese crown knot cross/paracord mat
Scrappy string quilt
Practical boats :)
Fishing Float Net
Monkey Fist Paperweight
A few photos from the 2016 Goschenhoppen Folk Festival
Manila Door Mat
Pallet poultry coops or sheds
A x-stitch project
Canal Ware.
Small Lanyard
washing fleece
Sock yarn blanket
Extended(expanded) Lanyard/diamond Knot
I've got wood!
Snow Shovel Adaptation
Folding Camp Stool
3 Strand Rope Dog
Bosun's Brush
Half Hitch Mat/Bowl
Crown Knot
Soap Labels
Christmas Key Fob
Zipper Pull/Key Ring Fob
Charcoal burning.
Solomon Bar Fish (zipper pull/key fob)
Dragon Fly Knot Gear Hanger
Solomon Bar Cross (key fob/zipper pull) Tutorial
Fingerless mitts/wristwarmers.
Carabiner Cover
knitted people!!!
Interlocked 3 lead Turks Head Knots Tutorial
What drill bits...
Paracord Project
Ringbolt Hitching Key Ring
Manrope Knot Zipper Pull Tutorial
Half Hitch Water Bottle Evaporation Cooler
Net Making Demonstration
Wonderful website for knitters!
Cross stitch embroidery
I'm making a new sewing area....
Anyone use one of these at school.?
Rush harvesting?
Colours of the Country :-)
more baby stuff
another tree of life!!!!!
Tree of life.
Covering dining chairs
Do I do much crochet?
My favorite types of handwork...
Recent handwork project
Stick Making
Left it a bit late
Fiador Knot Gear Carrier + Tutorial Link
Zipper PUll/Luggage ID
Pineapple Knot Tutorial
Cord Ends or How to Finish a Project
Some inspiration for all the knitters out there...
One for Asemery......... Paracord needle.
Making Cordage with a Braiding Disk
Sliding Knots Adjustable Bracelet
Paracord Projects
Duffle-type Shoulder Bag
Single Strand Star Knot Tutorial
Snake Knot Wrist Lanyard
Upcycle an old bucket, or in my case a 20 litre paint can.
Spli Faced Monkey Fist Knot
The Double Monkey Fist KNot
Tea cosy
Linen Thread Net Bag
Touring Theatre set from reclaimed pallets
Precision logging
The last scissormakers?
The last shovel maker
Lets hope that we don't lose these crafts completely.
gun saf finished
zipper pull
me and my scrap wood
Wood Preserver; Home Blended
Nice little earner.
Pelts and Furs
Hot Water Bottle Cover
Wonderwool Wales
emergency cooker
fire wood table
Occupational therapy?
Another daft wee xmas pressie .
An xmas gift
Made these for xmas ?
Tea Cosy
Bushcraft Activities
Just made some polish
At last I can post on here......
gun stock transformation
Coppicing willow?
Ricahrd Lane at work.
Mk2 Airsporter refurb (Many thanks to Bodger!)
older furniture
Temporary Table Saw
Netted Pouch
Chopping block
Pallet creations?
Bird boxes
Day-Glo Vest
The town's gone knitting mad
restoring an unloved BSA Airsporter!!
Sword ?
Dried flowers
Net Making Demonstration
Austin Healey Sprite
some Rural Business School events
Rabbit hutch and run
Rag rug
my sewing machine is dying.....
Heirloom Shawl
Zipper Pulls
What's on your hook?
And another blanket
Scarf / wrap thingy
Yet another blanket.
Crafty weekend in our barn...
Easter Bunny Knitting Pattern
he's blacksmithing today
Looking for ideas for courses
Water Bottle Carrier
Rats and Bull Terrier
Net Bag for Beginning Netmakers
Pig and Cockerels, plus a Dog or Two
Can you/do you crochet?.......................
Another pressie I am making
Texan flag rag rug
unicorn wood splitter
patchwork quilt wot I made
Who's a plank and not a board.
Handi work and craft competition.... with a decent prize
Oak table & bookshelf
4 Srick Rope Making - Youth Group Activity
Making Fishing Tackle
Netmaking 101 (part 2)
Netmaking 101
some country events coming soon....
Five years on, and 6 days to go..
Wedding guest puzzle
Yet another baby blanket.
Stained Glass
Harvesting Bag
First attempt at a file knife
Deer Antlers
Daft question involving wood
Ideas and doodles for a sweat shirt motif please.
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