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Crafts and Country Skills
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Hand made....................
What tree....will it make good sticks???
brick oven
A Cold Smoker. A semblance of an idea.
anyone made a forge? Gareth?
Canal Ware
Cleansing the kitchen!
Acton Scott Historic Skills Courses in 2009/10
3kg of ripe cherries? what should I do.....
Stitch and Bitch
home made valentine card
Suggest a little project for Gareth
what to do with a rabbit pelt
Reindeer skin
selling at farmers markets etc
Countryside Skills Courses
ancient welsh craft
Still places on the hedgelaying course in Dorset!
stain removal
Hes castle is
Green Oak Gate making
This used to a craft/country skill
Help from you knife bods please.
custom knives
willow to be coppiced
A Robin for my lovely Dad
Bushcraft tips for survival
Any advice on coppicing ?
Local Apple day
Competition! Home made Christmas cards and gifts
Birch Sap
Craft section
Mine and my daughters hobby
Building a brick oven.
craft fair
This is what I do
Billhooks slashers hooks and other treasures
Kelly kettle
Leather working
Hedgelaying course!
Wool processing!!!
Free felting machine training etc!!!
Straw bale building
Christmas Ideas?
The stick maker !
wedding present from the Flatiron
laying up some stone
barn quilts
My talented sister and niece...
Alfresco anyone ?
Billberry rake
long handled scythe
My New Hoop Net
Pretty good for a first attempt..
Copicing at work
A selection of my knives......................
Green Wood Working
Tying knots for pendants?
Sticky Back Paper
Journey to Forever
A workmans tools
calling all woodturners
Making Purse Nets.
This summers Project
charcoal and compost toilets!!
Items I use for net making
My new knife.
Basketry in Yorkshire
Coracles and Longbows !
The 2008 OTG Craft Challenge.
Day two of my charcoal course.
charcoal making course in Somerset
Drystone walling courses on 26th and 27th of March
Chateau Bodge 2007
Day one of my charcoal course.
The power of books.
Real Bacon !
Question for Bear
I feel like a bender !
Got myself onto a charcoal burning course !
Copy of the HFW programme where they make the charcoal.
So do you fancy going on one or two courses ?
A very interesting website for any budding
Ever thought of making your own Charcoal ?
Canal ware.
Birch Sap Tapping
Chipping wood for smoking food
making small bridges
Painting on Glass
Net Making
My Flies
What do you think of this knife ?
Trouble with Flytying
Fly tying ?
Looking for a
Flatirons Fur Shed ( Pictures of dead animals )
Craft and country skills training courses
How do you make and what are corn dollies?
Simple blade etching
bits n bobs
My collection so far..........
Bill Hooks
A new project for Gareth ?
Some top Spam !
Anyone that could re-handle a fixed blade knife?
See what Pargeters been up to
My latest contribution
Blade Supplies etc England
A few pictures for you crafty people taken at the BHM
Blade length and the Law in UK
Oil skin cleaning
potato fire lighter!!!!
a must have for bushcrafters and campers alike!
fire making! a novel way!
The knife that Fish made for me !
A wreath is not just for christmas!
leather strop knife sharpener
Knife sharpening.
wrought iron candle holder
The best wood to burn on your fire at home.
Food please?
Cross Stitch (or not)
Best treatment for walnut wood?
Room Scenter
Fibre Fest..............1 - 2nd Sept! Don't miss it!
An apple mill or crush.
My first attempt
a scandinavian style knife and sheath.
tanning hides
Sewing machine...
a neck sheath and diamond sharpener!
making use of palettes
I need another project.
Making Ferret Boxes.
Fibrefest 2007
Making a Garden Archway.
a VERY impressive craftsman!!!!!
Today I've...........
Selling Stuff
Just tons of pictures of craftsmen working in Wood
Wooden objects
Hedge laying
tapping sap foray
uses of birch sap
Quilting and Patchwork
Craft Fairs
tips for learning dressmaking.
Sewing Box
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