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Crafts and Country Skills
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pallet breaker
Felted Fido
Intro to blacksmithing events - Cornwall
Side ways grow bags: reclaimed pallet timber project
New project for kaz?
Company needed,
sheep skins
OTG Craft competition .....with a prize for the winner
Cricket match cancelled!
purse net pegs
look what last nights phone call delivered
Shed broken in to
gun slip
hedge laying
Yarnbomber strikes again
Self Sufficiency Collection of Books
new meat bird house
Wood brickettes
cheese press
Quilting book!
Scroll sawing (well, Its snowing outside!)
Wanted Photos of your projects made from old Wooden Pallets.
Knitting with Alpaca Yarn
My friend's home-made wooden Apple Scratter & Cider Pres
Mini Bowyer
Knit the Nine O'clock News
Primitive Archer Magazine
Oil finishing gun stocks (two off)..
nativity scene
Post knocker
deer bone.
Little DIY Project
Correx Christmas Craft Challenge Competition.
It's a Dead Fish............
wool carding
Turk Scythe
A large project
Yellow Peril
New Smoker
What projects would you like to see me do and make?
Stepped 3 Tier Planter (Reclaimed Pallet Timber Project).
Operation Christmas Child
A Tale of a Dry Stone Waller
Net storage/tote bag
Rabbit skin dressing.
Thatching a Rush Cart
Down on the Farm
Ferretting Workshops
Making Charcoal
Firewood - a little research
Storage Bag with Slit Opening
3 tiered Herb Planter (Reclaimed Pallet timber project)
blacksmithing course cornwall
gates and railing
the finished bookshelf
One Mans broken Bough is another Mans,
Making Soap
A little bit of help please: Computer art work.
Stashbusting cushions
I've got the horn.........................
Installing a planter/window box.... easy way.
1000 litre IBC water tank (reclaimed pallet timber project).
another blanket....
craft fare
Large 3 Tier Garden Planter (Pallet Reclamation Project)
Making Rope with a Hand Drill - Part 2
Making Rope with a Hand Drill
Planning workshop 5th May
Handy gadget!
Owls, owls, owls
a bit early...
First Attempt At Hedge Laying
Thoresby Park Country Fair - Starts at 10am
Ecclesall Sawmill 2011 Craft Courses
Restoration project
Nature Detectives
Cheese Making
some of my 2011 finished items
Dead Fish hat
Square Mesh Net Making
My first dyeing attempt!
The first daffodils
Knitting pics
Courses at Acton Scott
Blankets on the go
Screen Printing at home
Glass Etching
Christmas Crafts
Crab pots ?
Curing sheepskins
My next Plywood project is going to be ...
Knitting Group
Kierans woodturning
Craft or Countryside
copper foil work
Fire Lighters
It's nearly pumpkin time!
interesting web site
Klein Bottle Bag
leather worker required
help with sharpening knives
brick oven
Another charity project
3 amazing new cross stitch efforts from my Step-Ma
Crochet baby blanket
bits of wool
A Black Pig for just Six Quid.
Cod Net
Net Maker
Come shrimping with me.
A Shave Horse
Make a cast net
Learning to whittle
Romany Culture.
new drystone wall
What I do to keep myself good!
Training services - any demand?
Odd socks
My first quilt is finished
Blanket projects
Making a pergola for my grapes
Another use for all that wool....
My latest project
Teaching the kids how to camp in Yorkshire
Phil Harding and Mastercrafts mentors help launch HCA
My new hut thread.
First boil of the year...
At last ! It's finished...
Poppies for the RBL
Fridays job
drystone wall
lawrence neal chairmaking vid
bbc2 now....thatching
Fluffy and soft scarves . . .
You can never have enough good sticks
craft in the Guardian tomorrow
drystone walling
Monty Don new champion of Crafts
Candlestick and tea cosy
Living their Dream
Stick making
NOT a Bazzer Fing Innit
My festive recipe
Hand-crafted Christmas gifts
Making your own knife.
Coppice Crafts
Crochet blanket
Gift box tutorial - so simple to make
Christmas tree decoration tutorial
Christmas Projects
bodge at work
Freeform crocheted bag, finished at last!
I need some advice/guidance. please
Cross stitch project
Rag Rugs.pic heavy
Need someone to teach me how to sew clothes (Gwynedd)
Holly & Ivy wreaths
Choice of knife
Pallet wrecking bar/fork.
Longnetting Peg to Peg
DIY Solar Food Dryer
My Step Mother's Cross-Stitch...What a lucky boy i am!!!!
Making sticks
Sheepskin boots
Seeking this style fabric
My new project...
My new knife....
oiled jumpers
Lighting wood fire top down method
The wisdom of Elder
My plans...
My first show....
Wooden wheelbarrows
Miles and miles of piping cord later....
My huggyhoundz are famous in Dumfries
Coracle Mark 2; The build. ... ... ... Loads of Photos.
Good bug box!
cutting blackthorn
Basket Weaving Course
Hand made....................
What tree....will it make good sticks???
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