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green house
Wasps !!!!
Early spuds ?
3 sisters and a friend
First of my early spuds
First of my early spuds
fig tree
Onions from waste
Shade lovers.
Tomato Plants ?
Hot BedsHi
Pine Needle Paths
Anyway pruning there Apple Trees yet?
Aldi Standard Herbs
A second allotment!
I definately need to make a start !
This time next year Rodders !
New veg garden
Demon Red ?
A late harvest of sweet peppers.
help please identify this
Currant bush problem
RIP Bramley.
What's your growing season 2016 like so far!
cherry tree
Pruning today.
First cucumbers.
The Carolina Reaper?
The first of the plants.
i planted some seeds
I remember ....
not too late?
What's up with my Daffs'
American Land Cress
Shopping list.
Half a dozen eggs?
Worms, on your marks, set, go
Tools of the Trade
Thinking of getting started for the new season
what season is this
Nows the time to plant your garlic
Saffron crocus
Pear trees, which to grow?
seaweed and seals
Polytunnel planting in july
Hanging Strawberrys
Strawberries in the polytunnel?
apple tree help?
Fingers crossed for a good crop.
Does anyone successfully manage to grow saffron crocus' ?
Its better late than never.
Cold come lately
killing weeds ?
Rotted horse manure - what to charge?
Raised beds ?
greenhouse advice?
Lidl's heads up; gardening gear 05/03/15
WHAT DID YOU DO TODAY " in the garden or allotment"
This surprised me
asparagus help and advice wanted please
Weed Control
Asparagus beds
Spent a few hours up the allotment
Now that it's all over ...
Gardening and foody Questions
Gardening and foody Questions
Gardening and foody Questions
Yorkshire November
Herb Garden
Still picking
Interesting Link
Elephant Garlic
Pictures of St Fagans greenhouses.
Apple Tree Help
Manure ash
Baby sitting corn crop
First taste of autumn
Winter Greenhouse Growing
Slowly closing down
Has the season been worth it?
The pigs are in for a feast.
August Planting
A question.
Its that time of year again
My Office?
The tide turning?
Oh, sloe is me
Redcurrent bush
Your thoughts, asparagus.
Gooseberry Sawfly
My first pepper of the season.
Tiger Nuts - anyone growing them?
What's attacking my fruit trees ?
Strawberry Plants
Mary Mary Quite Contary
Trowel and fork at the ready today.
New Potatoes
weed killer
Hello again
weedy veg plot
Potatoes and horse manure
Plot 48 - Slow Progress
Fruit trees
Had to do it
Hydroponics... our way forward
I'm off to town.
Marrow Fat Peas
Making the most of your polytunnel?
Season 2014
just a few pics of the plot a few years ago.
Seed Circle 2014
Heating a Greenhouse ????
FTGH The Fruit Expert
Ordered your seeds yet?
By my reckoning its time to start chitting Sweet Potatoes
Kiwi fuit
Winter preparations
Darling of course i love you
I've been challenged
An interesting article on the apples in our shops.
Ringing the changes?
scab on my spuds
Raised beds?
soon to be ...........
a bumper crop of Bardsey's
yesterday's harvest
Digger's got a nice pair
Sweet pots, anyone else tried growing them?
Moving a Victoria Plum tree
Red Devils?
And no carrot fly
First year with a poly tunnel
Maincrop potatoes
Picked the first of the greengages....
50p 50p 50p
One for the Fruit growers.
One for the Fruit growers.
At last, a decent Spade!!
At last
Watercress garden
what a total disaster
It's that time of the year ..
Chilli Peppers?
buying apple trees
another whoops
Herb experience
Field Beans
How are your cucumbers doing?
A Mile Stone.
Red Currents
Plot The Third
is this the "father of permaculture ? "
In the begining....
In the begining....
wheel hoe
wheel hoe
Fingers crossed for loads of apples this year.
Old Fruit Trees
free green house denbury devon 8x12
OH. Question....
my apple tree
few simple tips
Apple tree problem?
Does size matter? Is 6" enough?
Many thanks to Digalad.
Straw bale gardening
Spud problem?
trying a new way
Curse you Rattus fuscipes
Fruit Cage
Chillie Peppers?
Do I, don't I...?
Seed offer
What should I plant?
This Season 2013
Cabbage White Butterflies
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