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the edible garden
in the polytunnel today
Muck advice!
I'm confused...
My seeds have arrived.
onion sets
more free seeds
Free seeds from the BBC
Using home made compost
Help! The School Garden....
Seed Dates
Going back to the land.
siting a new "orchard"
Heritage Seeds
oh bother!!!
Using a cement mixer.
Fruit trees in Tescos
Free Spinach and Beetroot Seeds
By way of a change
Cost of an Allotment
The Weekend...
good day in the polytunnel
Has anyone Tried...
Sweet Potatoes
Ideas for a shady bed
Onions and stuff! Have a look Digindeep! ;-D
Sundays Harvest...
seed catalogue
The victorian kitchen garden
Now the snow
Sure Ive forgotten something..
More of the same please.
growing veg in Bulgaria
Know anything about Oca?
Down the Plot....
My very own sloes?
Onions and garlic
Best Deals on Bare Root Fruit Trees ?
In the veggie garden this week and some fruit trees
Have you sown yours yet?
Use for old sheep fleece in the garden
hoping to finally get an allotment
I don't like this glimpse into the future
MINT Varieties
Taking the P*SS
Apologies if this is a really stupid question, but
What are these ?
Jerusalem Artichokes
see if this helps....
Capsicum Peppers..
To be Order...
Todays the day
Ivor Biggun.
Is It the End.....
Organic Asparagus Crowns.
Crop planning
Well rotted!
'ELP Needed
Tomato question again
Sweetcorn my last year
what variety apples ready now
Stevia Project.
Put a new patch in
No dig permaculture - wormery tower
mildew on fruit trees
mildew on fruit trees
A Good Year on the Lotty
Tomatoes are flowering again
does anyone know
why can i not.......
What do the team think?
Nut Tree ID
Plum tree problems...
The first bit of the lottie has been dug...
Peppers are going black
what now...
Jumbo beefsteak tomato
Brown tomatoes
Garlic and Shallot varieties
He's gone and done it again
Strawberry bargain
They've started again
Why can't people get more allotments Mr Benn ?
Global Warming - What plants for the future ?
A Bucket of Spuds.
eel worms
Flies eating plums tonight.
Gardening this morning
My new lottie!!!
An inspiring web site.
Germinating lettuce
Plums or Damsons ?
some greens for tea
Now let this be a warning to you.
Red spider mite
Two months on
Compost Spuds!
Grow Your Own Competition
"We will fight them in the veg plots...."
Moving elder
Gosh ! I love apple trees
Remember this
As you Do
in your garden this year
Lettuce eat
A drop of well needed rain.
Westons orchard initiative!
The Edible Pond and Bog Garden
Red onions
Using Shop bought compost
Free Compost!
This allotment malarkey is catching on.
Globe artichokes?
Pea Problem
freaky tomatoes
strawberries n slugs
Just made the first batch....
Bardsey apples
The toms are in flower
It looks good for this season
Replanting an apple tree
my pots
Nasturtium Invaders...
some more edibles in the poly
Remember these
First Crop of the Season.
Freezing Cabbages
Weed killing today.
The Great Aubergine Flop
Mines rotted off !
Runner Beans
Broad beans
The rain worked
A quick watercress questions
English Eating Apples.
Apple Tree Rootstock ?
Florence fennel
Myristica Fragrans
Plum Tree
step by step so far
poly is now up
Quietly chuffed!
Bdooly Chickens!!
"Pricking" Out...
what would you pay?
Mares Tail
My garden
keeping birdies off seedlings
slugs... again.
Bare rooted tree question
Unusual Mint Collection Offer...
Sweet potatoes?
Pumps/power sprays?
Fingers crossed
acid soil
Filling for a Raised bed
Hows your garden grow...Mary Mary?
Is my bay tree on the way out?
It works! Irrigation hose.
Negotiations begin tomorrow!
advice needed on soft fruits
nursery prices
Last One
Adazas and other tools for the gardener and Smallholder
Gareth's New Plot
Christine hewitt's blog
Spring haas Sprung
Allotment Waiting List
A Fairly Big One
This years show winners
A spot of local gossip.
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