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Out in the Countryside
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A couple of shots from the sussex countryside....
Identify this butterfly/moth please
Came across this in a hedge
It's Happened again........
Get to know your ladybirds.
cleaner wanted!!
Giant Atlas Moth
My swallows have gone!
A Lavender Visitor
The Dove from above.
"Oi...come back 'ere!!"
Does anyone fancy a pint?
What to do....................?
I finally remembered to take my camera with me.
Some very bad news for UK nature.
He's the king for sure
Didn't even blink.
Just remembered. I saw one of these on Wedneday.
Peregrinne Falcon.
Fantastic little video.
A Cup of Tea.
Young Jenny in Full Swing!!
A Cuckoo can lay up to twenty eggs in a season
Outside with the bat detector last night.
Quick to learn .........(image heavy)
A bit of a cafuffle in the kitchen.
This years Spring Watch?
At last!
OK I know its late, but I heard my first cuckoo yesterday...
wild fennel
Orchards ?
Orange Tip Butterflies?
The Pack animals are back
Just a couple more to add to the Down's Post
Some British Butterfly Information.
A few hours up on the South Down's
Bat Detectors ?
How many
Mellow Yellow.
The Pontcysyllte bat study ?
Some Excitement today
Something a bit different....
Lady's Smock, orchids and things.
'erd me first one!!
Orange Tip butterfly. You learn something everyday.
Prinknash Deer and bird park (picture heavy)
West Woods
First we had Ospreys
"Not Unusual" ?
Mulberry Time
This is just around the corner.
Tha Sandalistas can rest easy.......................
If you go down to the beach........(very image heavy)
Orchid Photo Competition.
Golden Day
soft waterproof nests
good News for the UK's Garden Birds.
The Lady's back!
2011. Now that the butterfies have started to fly again.
Bumble bees
Not quite "Out in the Countryside "
Be grateful for our wild birds.
Been for a walk in the sun
He's back!!
The first swallow.
1st Butterfly of 2011
Red Kites in Norfolk
Some Busy Beagles
Red Wings
My new bird feeders.
Way too early?
Frog Spawn
Little egret
Red Kites have finally arrived.
Ooohh!! Do have a look at this.
'nother one..............
The RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch
wood pigeon
last nights country file
Bird Watch.
Busted! I thinkl What do you think?
Sorry no photo but....
Birds of Prey are Struggling with the winter weather.
Spying on the Varmints
just a thought for the wild birds
Itsssssssssssssssss snow TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well back garden really...
Its getting otter and otter. !
In the fields today
A good bit of planning ?
It never worked for me. (mistletoe)
A little visitor
Get you kettle on !
Big Cat. One for Woodsmoke.
A new bird on the bird table.
One for sorrow, two for joy......
The birds are back
dine with me or NOT
A few more fallow deer today
This is very much in my neighbourhood.
Prinknash Deer park
Fallow Deer.....
A squirrel hanging on my nuts !
Did you know?
A walk on the beach this morning.
fab Butterfly and Moth website
Grass Snake
Swallows ?
Another photographic competition to have a go at !
A few from last week
Having your own land..
Nice Find
Popped up the farm today....
Under siege !
Yet another invasive species of crayfish.
Out for a walk.
Swifts have flown
Fish and chips anyone?
Ballet of the Birds
Greenfinches ?
...or in the garden
Fancy walking this ?
The first Painted Lady
We've hit the jackpot with a butterfly find.
Yorkshire Day
Bit of a scare
well not quite
Taking pictures of butterflies.
Crows' court?
A nice walk on the beach
The BBC on Butterflies.
Just been notified of this offer
Guess what caterpillars we've got?
Hummingbird Hawk Moth
Firewood guide...........
Nature has graced me an Image
big cats
Wood Peckers
Three in one.
What do you make of these?
As it says on the Tin!
On Safari !
Outdoor challenge
Glow Worms
Hooligans in the Garden
In the Garden Pond
Song Thrushes.
Smooth Snakes
Peregrine Falcon
biggest mushroom haul ever
Help for the swifts ?
bird identity
Your homework for today.
Wild Flower Meadow recreated.
trouble at the allotment
Identity Help
A modest tale of country camping
Curiosity meets the gopher
Do you have an eye for danger?
A bit graffic....(snake)
There's four of the Bustards !
We're so lucky to still have these.
leaving home
Some Housemartin's a Pheasant and a Moth
Before the Welsh cull starts Brock's having some fun.
Those bdooly imigrants !
How low can you go
Drowning Deer
An update on the UKs reintroduced beavers.
"So what this family planning thing about ?"
Our garden
Planting for Butterflies and Bees
A shadow.
more mushroom mystery - help with identification please
Getting bigger...
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