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Out in the Countryside
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Fox or muntjac bark?
What is this?
a plague of locusts?
A very good website on making your own nest boxes.
The Bushcraft Magazine
Springwatch on the Beeb - anyone watching it?
New Birds
Welsh beavers ? A good idea ?
I agree !
Well. In my Garden
I woke up this morning with a squirrel hanging on my
One for Bear
Whirley Bugs !
Blue bells
Snowy Eagle Owls.
The four F's
In our woods
Day out in the woods
Any Ideas What This Bird Could Be ?
When was the last time you saw an
Well Gwapple my gwape nuts
Spanish Threat Bluebell
Great Tits
Road kill.
A stroll before dinner
Meet Prince...
duck arrived in our field"pond"
What a specimen !
Just remembered
Didn't want to get their feet wet either
Dead frogs and toads
Thank Goodness they're back
Bird song walk
A fight for survival.
Tripping with gay abandon tomorrow !
Seen the first one of the year.
Mental Chaffinch
Tree ID
Got it !
The much maligned Leylandii. Just got to tell you.
New fella ...... has horse!
A quick walk with the mutt this evening.
Not a little mouse with clogs on but the sound of
It took a short cut through the garden.
Have a look at this chaps website.
Global Warming
Bear Faced Cheek !
Badgers! There maybe trouble ahead.
Wild UK in Bloom Competition.
A few pictures from today. Pic heavy.
Bats in the Belfry ?
What happens-
I'm over the moon.
Pictures of the Pwllheli Heronry
The Quintessential Sound of the English Countryside
This is the first time
First Swallow today.
Fern and Bird Song Walk
If Rooks can do it
Broken hearted swan
Thinking back to January, the winners and losers in
Housing Crisis in the Countryside.
Birds of Prey
Another smashing morning today.
A late night intruder leaves a messge
a walk beside the River Frome
Phew !
Bazzers found his walking boots
Choughs !
A seaside walk ( Photo heavy as usual)
Is spring about to be sprung?
yesterday afternoon
Canal side walks.
Your virtual Sunday afternoon walk with
Townie Do Gooders.
The Cob at Porthmadog. (Picture heavy)
At least the mornings
White red stag sighting
Seasons gone too pot
I've just been watching Trogladytes trogladytes
Have you eaten your dinner yet ?
Housing Problems
I'm thinking of getting down and dirty.
I just hit the motherlode!
A walk in the country
Primroses in bloom
great crested newt
A mini safari here today.
You can tell we've moved to the countryside...
RSPB garden bird survey
National Bird Box Week 14th - 21 Feb
new visitor
Albino squirrels
Luv a Duck !
Fantastic UK underwater footage.
A Walk by the Lake
Forestry Commision Training courses
Today at the allotment
One of the reasons for the decline in kestrel numbers
Making your patch more wildlife friendly.
In this day and age you'd rather hope that this was a thing
Have you got a few quid to spare ?
I've been to bed once already tonight !
Field Voles
Its those beavers again.
re the beavers
the Beavers
Don't forget to put hot water out for your tits!
OH has gone walkabout in Keswick
Cold snap coming..
I've just seen
Fox tale
No Tunnel for Stonehenge
Pechora pipit ? What the hells that ?
feeding wild birds
Discovery of a new Tree in the UK
Squirrels going nuts on Isle of Wight
A few starlings ?
looking up at the sky
Nature of Britain BBC1
Try and always keep your camera with you.
Feed the birds
white Stag
What a tosser ?
On Rats.
Feeding the chickens this morning as per usual.
As the clocks go back...
Road Hog
goose flock
Mushroom ID needed
I've never seen one of these have you ?
A really bright red sky this morning.
You should be watching the
Do you think there will be a frost tonight?
Otters killed in fish trap
The changing colours of the trees.
Let the chickens out this morning
Secret River?
Kaz has just put the dogs up
A cap full of walnuts
The Norfolk Broads under Threat !
same view different month
When is a newt a lizard ?
The rut
In the garden tonight
Acorns - thousands of the darn things!
Your favourite countryside sound is ?
Watching a dragonfly
I often see dolphins as I fish
Organising a weekend out ?
When I was a lad there were hundreds of these everywhere
Royal County of Berkshire (or Newbury Show for us locals)
Myxie (myxamatosis)
I've just had a Grizzled Skipper
A Red Kite
What do you take with you
Where did my flaming flamingoes go ?
Restrictions easing
Have you ever seen a crows tool ?
The robin thinks summer is over
Evil Buzzards...
An interesting bit on the Red Squirrel
bio security?
Any effects on Hunting, Shooting
Foot and mouth the second stage
out and about in cheshire
Possible bad news
No new cases.
Research lab.
New section
UK wide bad on movement of pigs & cattle
Lots of
typical drive to work
horrible piccy of porpoise headwound for lloyd
poor porpoise
The floods and the wild animals.
Horse & Country TV has moved channel!!!
The leaves are turning.
Some more butterflies
After eighteen years of living here.
As promised my mini stone circle
barn owl
Time is running out for the turtle Dove.
Barn Owl Populations in Anglesey are at a Record Low
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