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On the Smallholding
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sheep race with pics
Meet Tom Dick and Harry.
Jenny Wren
sheep chute
Large Black Pigs ?
QU vs 6DSS
springs here
Our 2017 Pigs
Nothing much on the telly last night.
Ever considered keeping rabbits?
A spot of improvisation?
Fencing to be done today
Alpacca's ?
We have ...
The View from the Hides.
Bye Bye Boys
Look what's moved in a few fields away
More Room
New Pig Ark
A famous cow.
A New Job ?
Two Cows.
The last of the pigs.
The next batch.
Oxford Sandy and Black Pigs
Water Bill?
Electric Poultry Netting
Probably the Last Litter
Weed Killer
pig advice please
A New Piggy!
New shed
2016 Spring Festival 21 & 22 May
A busy week
Three Pigs.
new pigs at Tegfan
Pigs on order...
I've fed the pigs.
My Large Black Ladies.
Herd em up !
Solar Power?
oxford sandy and black pigs
highland cows
Pig trailer.
My two Large Black gilts.
Cumbrian Pig Breeders?
Yellow Hammers
Rare Breeds of Farm Animals Continue to Decline.
An away day?
Changes a foot?
If you like cattle and sheep
BPA Bloodine Survey.
New piggies for us too!
Jobs on the smallholding today?
Here's one for Bodger
The Circle of Life.
Wood burner advice
pleased to announce
A bad month or two with the pigs.
Rough and almost ready.
Butchery day .blog on a quilting website :)
Growing on well
poultry freezer bags
Its not so much a question of if but when?
Pocket farm?
The BPA.
Rabbit Shed's
Duck In Shed
Anyone Selling Half Pig/Lamb?
Piggy Photo Time !
Last nights Countryfile ?
Job done
Road trip
The next chapter
Time for a move.
I owe a lot to this book.
Save our beleagered dairy farmers.
Pig off colour.
Times flying by these days.
Almost there !!
A Busy Day ahead on the Holding.
Crop Rotation.
I'm possibly going to sell one.
Its all go
How deep is your?
Its that time of the year again.
I'm still living the Dream.
Flubenol Pig Wormer. A heads up.
Popping time for Milly.
Advice needed on Saanen goats
In The Shed
Addicted to Sheep.
A new Gloucester Old Spot
Mud! Mud Glorious Mud.
Mard arse piglets?
A spot of pig food
What farmers may have in store.
Unexpected arrival
The best sort of sheep?
A major construction completed.
Busy time of year
What a couple of days - with photo update
Who gets the pig bucket now?
Piglets again.
This morning
Bacon pigs?
Super grass!
Country Strife: Abz on the Farm
Rare Breed Pigs
I've said it before on here
The Anglesey Show
Feed bill cut !!
The three 'O's
Worst job of the week.
Time to restock
Tablehurst Farm.
Should keep us going for a while
Its been busy busy busy here
And so it begins again.
chicken lighting?
Rabbit Kill Size
Keeping Down Rabbit Costs
Massey Sheep Nuts
I'm very tempted.
Over heating pigs.
Swine Trek.
Worth it ?
Yet more sausages
stinky pigs
Piggy eyes?
Minor Pig health Enquiries?
Evaluating pigs.
Soay x Easycare Sheep
DIY Pig Ark?
Hello Strangers!
As happy as pigs
Pigs for Sale
pig problem
Pig accomodation?
mushroom crop
tipsy pigs
Not a bad start
Disturbing day out
Pig trough?
Pigs in NZ
It soon rolls around
Piggy things and happenings.
Where there's livestock...........
Gloucestershire Old Spot Gilts.
The GOS forum.
But they're not supposed to do this !
One down
Piggy plans part two.
A sharp increase.
Smallholder Syndrome
Suckling pigs?
Three little pigs
Ten week old piglets.
A rather big one!
Piggy manouvres two.
Brownie points ???
More pigs
Cull Ewes
A Change of Plans?
Summer feedingout
Pig puberty
Showing pigs?
poultryopilus with pics
This is going to be fun.
Cade Lambs
How to keep a pig ark in place?
Pigtopia with pics
Livestock = deadstock
What a lot I've got.
Sugar beet as a crop to feed to pigs?
the missis
Rabbits: The Class of '15
Additional Signage
Pig Troughs
Love is in the air
2014 BPA Bloodline Surveys
Squatters in the new pig shed
Down and almost out.
A Cautionary Tale.
Cheap pork
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