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On the Smallholding
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Young Farmers Booklet number 8. Goats.
Stock fencing prices?
Dead horses
Testing Hay
Great Saddleback Pork
Walnut stains
Sheep questions!
Two down, two to go
Hay for Pigs
Yet another dog walker killed by cows.
Working Cattle in the 21st century
Pig Killing weights
Hampshire Downs
Renting the land
A Lion and a Prince at Acton Scott Farm Museum.
An Egg Within An Egg
Here we go....
First taste of our home grown lamb
LLeyn x Hampshire
New home for the Piggies
Any hints and tips about running a business....
Welsh beaches and beauty spots
beltex ram
Ivomectin Pour on
New arrivals this morning
Kate Humble. A bit slow at jumping on the band wagon ?
Who let the pigs out?
Gearing up for the next lot of
Young Farmers Club Booklet number 4 Pig Keeping.
Free wood
Calf Rearing
Custom killing
Army Worms
Are Smallholders Muppets?
Water Harvesting. (Pic Heavy)
A couple of..
Sheep shearing crisis
clippers broke
scythe advice please
Fly repellant
You don't need much space to produce meat.
Sheep MOT
Lamb soars !
Have you seen her........
Middlewhite Welsh White Pietrain Berkshire
Just one really hot day
Pretty Pregnant Pru
Pigs on holiday.
Can pigs climb stairs?
Weighing Pigs
new arrivals
compost toilets
Very leggy sheep?
Noisy Pigs
very subdued
collected them on Sunday
sheep help
Introducing Our Pigs
A new Pig Ark
An old southern saying (picture heavy)
Piggin' Easter :)
Soays.... any one out there?
Badgers? Lets see what happens.
Not farming pigs
So we have finished lambing..
Turkey Hen
boar taint in castrated boar weaners?
good to go, just need pigs!
Lambing Live
At ease with my sexuality in the farmyard.
Advice please!
Now watch the grass grow.
Blind panic this morning!
small but very very good
Barley straw in water tanks?
The Purple Moose.
Memo to ones self.
Cows shot in Chirk !
The Woolly Shepherd....
Crops ?
Smallholding Times?
Why Pigs should have Spots
Quiz. Help please.
Spots before your eyes!
Hedge laying
EID electronic ear tag nightmare
Never say never
Something for everyone !
one of my tups
Our Small farm.
New arivalls
Rural Planning Event
Martin Clunes. Farmer?
Sheep care advice please
Tales from the Green Valley
The Digger Driver
Smallholders Association ?
OSB gilt
Slap marker / pig equipment
A few minutes to kill on a wet day ?
water pumps
GOS. I've seen some today.
price of feed
What can we make out of pallets
Bit of advice needed.......
Fresh Start Pig Academy
Courses at Acton Scott
Feeling a little horny?
Poisonous plants
Sheep slaughter...
Back to the mud.
Green Side Up
Nothing like ....
A temporary relief.
Edwardian Farm. Obviously my favourite programme on TV.
Pretty soon we could all be a nation of vegetarians.
Thought I would share a few photos
I can't make my mind up.
Snow disaster
How many watering cans ?
keeping geese for the Christmas market - thoughts please
Feeding sheep
Talking of sheep bodger......
I'm thinking of getting some sheep.
I may have found the solution to the problem with ROW's
My summer is officially over.
Gate openers
tough lamb
Slash and burn. An autumn chore.
Edwardian Farm Book.
Couple attacked by bull.
bdooly neighbour
Don't they like it here?
Stumped by a question in the pub quiz last night.
Doing favours
Another Pig Question
keeping pigs
A good day
Good Abattoir Guide
soak away
Mr. Dingbat's new toy - Hedge cutter!
I need to find an old farming boy.
Price of land
suckling pig
Rams John Thomas
First the Royal Show
Sheep keeping blog
Good meat ?
Keeping small numbers of sheep ?
Hand Milking
mole catching
Seaweed as fertiliser ?
Beware the Bargain !
Dung Beetles and Country File
Soay sheep
A Cow Question....
I'm in Love
Sheep question
Shropshire Down Sheep
Quick pig question............
farm cats
A new hedge to plant this winter.
Pig Clubs ?
One-day and half-day pig courses in the South (sussex/surrey
The low down on keeping Boer Goats ?
flock numbers
The Field of Dreams.
Is it too late in the year to get Weaners
sponged our sheep
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