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On the Smallholding
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Making your holding pay?
what do you do with your fleece?
Spot the pigs
Corrugated iron sheets...
its been a great year
needed -a ram for 3 ewes in Wiltshire
Something along the lines of a mole plough?
price for lamb please
Pig numbers down in Wales.
Pigs Away!
Chickens, ducks, pigs, sheep and cattle !
what is it with some people
well its offical
At last
After the rain?
Tups in today
There are some sick folk about
septic tank problem
Self-Sufficiency and More
Rainbow trugs
Goat questions
Happy pigs on a hot day - video
First 1st
How many here are exhibitors.
we are feeling rather smug today
creating an orchard
Slow baking?
Piggy Pic
Video posting help please
paste or harness
Snail production
And the latest score is nine and still going.
what a weekend
For Chickenstu
Magazine article
Jobs to do on the holding today.
Baby Muscovies..... happy and sad times
the milk bar is open
how many
does moss compost
Sheep I.D. Please
Southdown Ram Lambs to borrow
Bull savaged by dogs
Lambing In August
Horizont isotester
Potatoe Blight
The reward after the work.
my farming life so far in pictures
Here's ma boys!
first day back
What a mess
One very greedy pig...
Land to Rent
First Pig question.....*cough* of probably many...
I would like to introduce you to......
Killing and gutting...
anyone have alpaca's?
The most productive critters on your holding?
Fast Growing Tall Fir Trees
Goats plural...or goat singular
how much do i need to spend?
How much creep to feed
Have i got 2 ewes?
Moving pigs in a trailer
its like a tag team here atm
Fencing today and tomorrow.
Bunny update....... We've got babies!
Daft place to build a nest, Mrs Rabbit!
My first visit to a smallholders market
I've got Pigs !
twice in five days
Pure breds versus crossbreds and hybrids?
Shearing day
keeping cows, advice pls
kind of been offered some land to use
For those who ever fancied going into goat meat production.
Friendly fantail
Builth spring Show
Memories of Sark
she has attitude ..............or a GSH
Want to know about goats please!
The first one in about ten years.
A record for us
Two out of Twelve Ain't Bad
Pigs 2012
Gifting Home Grown/Butchered Meat...
Sheep & Ram
Pig Crush
a couple from the weekend they grow up so quick
The parimiter
it was all worth a broken arm
show team 2012
well its here
Now if they could just capture and bottle this?
Les petit cochons est arrive!
Myma is STILL sitting - advice please
More farmers Going out of business.
Don't look if you don't like tractors. Lots of pictures.
A new arrival!
More animal abuse
Huge favour
Talking of shopping..
Shopping for Weaners
Muscovies & Hatching
sheep worming
Raven killed a chicken?
Not a good start
Pig movement licences
lambing percentage
Old ewe
My Clever Ewe
Pigs into the freezer - days four and five
British Lops
Pigs into the freezer - day three
Pigs into the freezer - day two
A real fudge !
Last One
Pigs into the freezer - Day One
Anybody's Manure Pile Got A Head On It?
They don't make them like this anymore.
Just one
meat rabits
AI goats
First batch of lambs
defa and babies?
Rejected Lamb
Southdown lambs
milking goats? how much can i take?
day one (the first of many)
Time for the pigs to go in the freezer
A New Smallholding move for us this Summer!
New virus killing lambs
New Job
Booming Farmgate Sales
Ewe due date
Gloucester Old Spots
Growing like maggots!...
first post
Stock fence
Gateway matting
Evey morning.
Brewers Grain
to market to market
Hampshire Down Sheep and Apple Grafting.
Nothing to do with your daily routine.
advice please re sheep.
Rare Breed Sheep Preservation
Tractor Shed.
Lleyn Sheep
Gibbet Line
Tractor Insurance?
Hampshire Down lambs
2012 ?
Rough and ready!
A limited badger cull to go ahead next year.
What to do with a small paddock?
Highland Beef Steer
Raising Turkeys for the table.
discount on courses
a ditch question
Herefords in Hereford.
more sheepsies...
A Couple of hours up the road from us.
I'm not bright!
I've been thinking about keeping a sow or two.
Council owned farms?You can only sell the family siver once.
Cow Hide ?
This really gets my goat.
Saddleback & Large Black Comparison Pics
Thirty two quid for kill and cut ?
Seconds away - Round2
One Bacon Pig
Why you don't make much money out of pigs.
Mo's Diary
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