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On the Smallholding
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The Pig Idea
Weaners came on the ferry today.
Pru's boys.
14 new additions
Carrot happy!
and everything starts again.
Attention North Wales smallholders!
Waste Management
What's your favourate Smallholding magazine?
Gilts and AI?
A bit disappointed....
Scanning Lady
It makes you realise
Thats my pigs sorted.
Puffin Pig?
Holding number
Apparently, I need some more mates.
A nice smallholding website.
Pig Ark.
sums it up
Pig ?
One to watch.
Can I have some advice/reassurance please? Lamb Update 28/12
A christmas tale
Mans Jobs
365 days.
Pig Rearing. A heads up.
14 weeks old tomorrow.
Willow Farm
Chrimbo Pigs
Farm sale
More fencing
I'd do anything
Starting from scratch v buying an existing smallholding
Fanged by my own pigs!
Is the weather slowing you down today?
Pet hates?
Helping the slaughter man **PHOTO MAY OFFEND**
Bibby sheep feed
how old before you put gilt in pig
Turned their noses up at parsnips!
I'm going to make a DIY Pig Ark.
British Lops
Badgers ??
swill comeback?
Plans for 2014?
Nigel & Adams Farm Kitchen
Gloucestershire Old Spots boar available for hire
Woodlands Organic Farm
Southdown Rams
Outbuilding construction (in this weather)
Lovely morning to be a piglet!
Next Weekend.
Native breeds chelford
British Sausage Week
Feeding Apple pulp
Spraying a field
Reality of stock keeping
Weaning Pru's piglets?
boar needed North shropshire
Good Litter.
better late than never
Has anyone come across this book?
Tattooing Pigs. A useful link.
Sheep scanning Shropshire
I may have a slight problem this morning.
Southdown ram for sale
Last nights Country File?
we have only done it NOW WITH PHOTO !
Pru the pig?
not long now bodger
How to turn your hay properly!
Southdown Sheep premier stock sales
The price of farmland has trebled.
Ducks in the Orchard.
Farming when I was Young.
Goats and pigs at the Anglesey Show.
Two isn't quite as good as all three.
The Nursery.
what a weekend
bdooly Thieves.
Log Store
Wynnstay ?
we have alot to live upto
How much to charge for a GOS weaner?
Looking for Wellies made in Scotland
Glass Bottle Supplier?
A smallholders dictionary ?
Is there an easy way........
time to catch our breath's
Absolutely Raging
Todays work
Some advice on Kubota STa-30 compact tractor
another sunny show
As happy as a pig in ?
the best result this year
Feeding pigs bread?
Help at Anglesey show
another great show.
back on the road
Useful tips on how to build a pig ark.
My Light Sussex chickens looking fabulous in the sun !
Eating shearling ram
back wet and cold
Here's an interesting website.
New piglet photo's
Sheep shearing prices?
Oxford Sandy and Blacks.
Feeding time for the pigs.
Septic Tanks and Soakaways
Farming changes
One for the softies amongst us.
back & tired
hazel propagation
busy day today
Protection from foxes?
pig semen up for grabs
first bath of the year
a push in the right direction ?
DIY Pig Trough?
Not a love nest.
pigs and water?
Third party liability insurance
I might be looking for a pig...
new addition
goat regulations
When you buy piglets....
Kune Kune
There's hope...
Panic stations this morning for a while.
Cuckoos Back
Rose veal
Off the Grid
new project any body
The Story so Far
A lot of farmers must have come out of keeping pigs.
birds and beast pic heavy
How much a day should I be feeding her?
A llama ing!
dead ewe
In at the deep end!
Pigs and electric fences.
Finally Got it!!!
Pig Rearing Website.
I'm sure that you'll enjoy looking at these photos.
Mmmm bitty
Pigs, You decide.
calcified seaweed (again)
more snow
At Last
One for Chickenfeed.
One for Debbie.
Lucky Lamb
Tough Night Lambing
Home slaughter of pigs
lamb in the oven
Two new book purchases.
The Goodlife?
ever been to Newton Abbot smallholders market?
Animal health
Keeping it British !
restocking woodland
Planning your Land
If you've got five minutes to kill.
proud flesh
Mixing Pigs?
A couple of pig questions.......
first litter of 2013
Pig and Co ?
poorly lamb!!
the powers that be
real creosote
The OTG Smallholding Diary.
Almost heaven?
Roots wanted
Your projects?
freezing pigs
The new animals
Healthier cows maybe?
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