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On the Smallholding
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more photos
Pig Arks.
Even more piggy pictures.
Pig with a poorly foot. Warning, a bit gruesome.
I like to see
Crops for pigs?
Pigs & roots
What breed of pigs next
Be Vigilant, A55 corridor thieves about.
13 more!
A very frustrating morning.
This is what makes it worth while
Pork Sales?
CPH and business number
Our First Year With Pigs
This years pigs
Tonights haul
Pig Movement licence?
More pigs requires more…...
Easy come easy go.
Country File
Piggy question for our pig people.
Tb test
Large Black pigs? A breed for the enthusiast?
Piggy manoeuvres.
All mixed up!
On the smallholding.
Advice on fitting farrowing rails.
New Pig Arks?
todays results, photos & a little of its history.
Thoughts on Pedigree Pig Breeding.
Well worth it
christmas turkeys
Early start
too much to do
Its been playing on my mind.
Trichinella Testing
Sheep Wormer
Busy week
You win some, you lose some!
First Casualty of War
Nobody likes a screamer.
A pigs return
The Full Monty
A55 it's finally happened.
Welsh Pigs?
The bull must go part deux
A Pigging great day at St Fagans.
Living the dream!!
Spuds for the pigs?
Spot Lamp
Some people
BBC this morning.
The bull must go
Large Black Piglets
Their Last Week
Last of the season
Busy week
Animal Health
the show team part company
Wanton Pig Porn!
As the season comes close to a end
Farmer's Guardian
Finishing Weaners
Pig oil
A and E
Milling whole grains at home.
Selling Home Produced Meat.
Weather warning for Monday.
Three pigs plus
New Pen, New Perch
A good read
Those pesky Russians and a happy chappy?
A quick walk around the pig pens this evening.
Mutton tips
The best bacon comes from which breed?
That's my girl (8)
A rather old pig photo
Spending Spree!
Pig Pics
Settling in
Thank God for the end of a pigging awful week!
Weaner Feed, Protien level?
Pig Boards?
Maurice the Sun God!
Cloud nine
Let down
Which fencer/energiser? Girly question
One for the pig experts.
Why are Tamworths so expensive?
A new sow?
Boar problem
FB help please
Pig ID
The Great Yorkshire Show?
Young Boar?
More annoyed than I should be.
Lets go and see Maude and Mildred
one happy pig
This years pigs..
on cloud nine
Abattoir Heaven
bdooly Weaners
Need to sleep
Electric Sheep Netting?
Robin Poop?
Too much grass!
one more cuppa
A little bit more meat on my chop.
To buy or not to buy?
Oh the joys !!!
were packing again !!
Done It!
rain, mud must be show time !!!
and were off again
lots of planning ….on the pig front
Bit of success
Weaner questions
Slap Shot Injector?
New EU regulations on pig slaughter
Welcome to Penelope
How do you get 18 week old pigs to ?
Bodger !!
one down
Splitting Pallets
Pig question.
show season is almost upon us
This is all we need.
Smokey and Freda
Pig pen
she did us proud
Guess the year.
How did your land fair
I learned something yesterday
A mud wallow?
The pigs are back
Lots and lots of pig pictures part two.
Bunny Rabbit Sheep?
Lots and lots of pig pictures.
Large Black Pig facebook group.
OMG how many?
Pen Size, what you think
New sheep movement procedures
Pigs in Space !
Old diesel tank....
The Foragers
Curtains for Pru the GOS sow!
Getting my oats?
Countryfile the Durham Dales
To cull or not to cull
fingers crossed
Getting brave
Roll then Chain harrow or Chain harrow and roll
For the shepherds amongst us.
More New Pigs!
New Pigs
Time to say goodbye
Adoption yoke
Which grass seed? Confused!
feeling sick
Free Pig Food
Bryncir Rare Breeds Sale
Knew it wouldn't be long
gilts or boars
Group on facebook
Industrial chipping machine?
Pig Trek. The Next Generation.
Very sad
A contingency plan?
Ram to the slaughterman
Free Range Pigs?
Had a nice trip up the Motorway today!
Apples for Pigs and Chickens
Size doesn't really matter?
show team 2014
Oats as pig feed?
I wish.
show winners ?????
Shearer wanted South shropshire
Oban Highland sale
Home Produce?
First Goose Eggs today!
Pig advice
Tamworth pigs
Starting your own farm shop?
Pigs and string?
Two websites to get you thinking.
Thieving scum again.
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