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On the Smallholding
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That time again....
it's been a busy old week
Herdwick tups
Culling badgers to prevent bovine tb
Dry curing meats
Smallholding weekends
Butchering a Pig
Blue tongue
Liver fluke
Barren heifer. A Dilemma !
Blue tongue in Ross on WYE !
Are things getting better ?
Had a great day yesterday !
Is it all over?
Petition to Government re FMD
Have we got any Bee keepers on here.
Isle of Wight Ferries
A bundle of Berkshires
Movement restrictions eased
Island lamb
I know we wern't going to but....
Containment zone extended
Midges carried Blue-tongue disease across channel???
Suspected outbreak in the West Mids
oh sh*t
Not noticed?
land prices
|An interesting article
Deer stalking
We've just had a phone call
If the outbreak In Scotland is confirmed ?
Confirmed F and M again
Confirmed F and M again
Worming Goats
what do you keep on yours then?
big bale handling
Have a look at Rhinos Pigs
Rhinos Pig Keeping Enterprise
Rosie's not happy!...
Welsh Black Calf!
Ear Tags and goats
UK wide bad on movement of pigs & cattle
Pigs suitable for a novice
Longhorn and Dairy Shorthorn.
Isobel the dexter has a heifer calf
Good Fencing for Pigs?
Needing to let off Steam...........
Cwm cysglyd
Record keeping & inspections
lamb pics !!!
new red cow and calf
Sheep Keeping course!!!! France!
Cider Orchards
Question for NZPOME
finishing pigs
Ram Lamb Discipline
Poor old Rodney the Dexter Bull Calf.
The piglets have arrived!
The time has come...
Bodger Cottage HQ ?
New cow ariving
Kune kune piglets due anytime
New Piggies
Bugger bit close to home.
day olds for chicken meat who wants some? (ON HOLD)
Smallholder/crofter or hobby farmer
More Photies ! Sheep and cattle.
Simply photographs
The " I want button"
The " I want button"
2 new arrivals
New arrivals inc pictures
The Lie of the Land - Channel 4 - Thursday (TODAY) at 9pm
Grass seed
I take it all back -
Beef cattle for beginners - please help !!
Grass shortage !
Bye bye Bhart
pigs! advice please.
Elderly nanny, I need advice please.
No Bull !
None copy righted pictures of ducks required.
Spud Planting Welsh Smallholder Style
A Cambridge Roller
Reseeding one of the fields today with traditional equipment
Interesting piece on BBC News this morning
Honda TRX350 4x4 ATV
Although they have given a little cold snap
Gloucestershire Old Spot Pigs
Surface sowing..
Rare breeds
Our Smallholding..
More piccies of my 2 snorters...
Tamworth Pigs kept in a traditional sty at Acton Scott
Land land and more land
What do you do with all your manure ??
Your Forum needs You !
Meet the Gang
Good days and bad days
Not so large livestock!
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