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On the Smallholding
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Woodland grant
Put this onto your list of favourites
mold HELP
how to manage my wildflower meadow
Farm Diversification.
Farmers under siege
OUCH - manure bites back
proof, we do get sunshine every now and again picci
registered smallholding
menage scraper
my HND project caught on... research into home grown protein
pig meat headed for china
New arrivals and triplets!
a problem shared is a problem halved
just wondered if anyone here was interested in this
Your dream house ?
Meadow has gone for beef
Some information on Blue Tongue
recognition in pigs
Properties in Ireland
Renting land and keeDartmoor sheep in Halifax, West Yorks...
Which Tractor ?!?!?!?
How much would you expect to pay for a Bull
If you go down into the woods today
To turn a blind eye or not ....
Keeping chickens
A little about myself
A little piece of history.
land wasters
Renting out land and maybe a building
Starting the 'Good Life'
As requested some pix from the top................
A quick look about.......................
Phew ! Anyone for a rather large kebab ?
Growing herbs commercially ?
My baby has come home after over a year away.
blue tongue
No badger cull
pinch punch first of the month
You can work and labour on a farm and only have to pay the
Crime comes to Aberdaron
From sheep to..............
how much money
rabbit cull
our last new arrival
Five acres.
our first runt
Real smallholders at last!
S B I number?
Little pigs
Poly Tunnels
At the abbatoir this morning
smallholding sitting
50 POL Chickens
Who saw HFW's programme on Chanel Four last night ?
Harnessing goat - Have you seen these Mogs??
Pigs-are they ready?
Ensilaging cider apple waste.
What to do with fleeces?
Sod the middle man if you can
A interesting read for pig keepers
Pigs at the Smallholders Show 2008
Death to Docks and Thistles
Down on Broome Farm Peterstowe Today
bloomin bt zones
i am so bluddy annoyed!!!!
Unbelievable ! The damned EU !
We have sheep.
De bristling a pig
It would appear that sometimes you can't do right for
Processing / cutting room for hire
Do the job properly!
Who's pinching the hay ???
Which Goat
Sheep shortage in Yorkshie
Self suckling?
why i love my allotment
Woman trampled to death!
The most expensive cade lamb in the world?!?!
Your new cash crop?
Lame Sow
just out of curiosity you
update on new arrivals
new arrivals
How long to hang?
last one
What to do about fertilizing rented field?
Horse versus cow
Alternative enterprise anyone ?
Winter project - Progress update and more photos
new foal soon - UPDATE
WARNING - Graphic picture of mauled lamb
Help with DEFRA movement!!!!
in our field
all in a days work (explicit pics )
The dexters are going tomorrow.
Topping up lambs
At last it's raining!
still looking
Cade lamb with wind - advice?
Fur and Feather
I've been promoted
Hand tools for the Allotment, Grower and Smallholder.
Farm Gate Point of Sale Advice
Grab your cade lambs cheap-NZ has no lamb...
Our new weaners.
good news and bad news
electric or other movable fencing
Ouessant and Dorset Down lambs
swimming pool problem
Todays new arrivals!
new arrivals
potato planting
Question for Mogs
Hedgelaying competitions
I dropped on these little treasures today.
good magazines about smallholdings etc......................
starting my own smallholding in east sussex
it shouldn't happen to a tractor driver
3 days freezing
pigs, walls, electric fencing .......and A & E!!!!
Getting lambs...
re seeding after pigs
another two
Gareth's lost the plot
Hey mogs!
A new kid on the block?
Beryl Kune Kune has NOT 12 NOT 13 but 14 piglets!!!!!!!
Mayhem and Pigs
i dont believe it, one of my goats has suddenly died !
New arrivals
MORE New arrivals (new pics added)
anyone rear rabbits instead of hunting them
Our woodland (lots of pics)
new arrivals UPDATE
Septic tanks
Pigs have arrived!
Agricultural Insurance
Home slaughter of a Pig
Early Pigs!
list of poisonous plants
So cute - had to share!!
Disaster number 2
For you southern Wussys
i hate mud !!!
A CAUTIONARY TALE.............hopefully with a happy ending
I've just bought this book.
First Disaster!!
Something to make you go Oooohh Awwwww Ahhhhhhh
Advice needed - Food couriers
advice needed about land
Question about hemlock
Advice needed - GOS going to slaughter/Marketing
I'm writing an article
HOW TO - Blue Cheese - Simple recipe (Photo heavy) UPDATED
Home Made Cheese
New EU regulations
the joys of cattle
what treats did you give your stock today
I've just had a customer in the Shop !
My Gegin Foch is broken.
Pedigree rams for sale, 50 each
Almost worth their weight in gold !
Register as a Small holding?
What's not good for pigs?
FOE alerts
How old are your pigs when...
the wains are out!!!!!
My bargain pigs have come.
A real suprise today. Meat from my elderly heifer.
Got to make a telephone call this morning.
Some more red tape to beat the farmer with.
New EU Animal Health Strategy 2007 - 2013
Farmers market on BBC
cow with a cloudy eye
What FMD Zones really mean
proper pig farmers now
Lambing course in Somerset!!!!
Really cheap weaners.
The traditional home-made British pork banger could become
Pig Petition
Sugar beet
Pigs. A short extract
Feeling very proud of myself!!
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