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On the Smallholding
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Its 'me' birthday on the tenth of next month.
Goat horns
Anyone wanting any information whatsoever
Traditional animals and traditional food.
Disappointing Crop
Goat Advice, please
Price for lambs?
Country File this Evening
Imagine ?
Pigs and a slaughter house ?
bleeding pigs....
Before number 2! Picture heavy!
Injecting pigs
Pig keepers advice on electric fencing.
One piece of land and too many uses !
Walter Brett. An author to look our for ?
Increase in numbers...
Covered field manger
Atom Heart Mother
Being a Smallholder!
Video footage from yesterday at the Royal Welsh.
Defra survey
Garden at school...
People with cattle.....have you seen this!
I tried
Feeding pigs from the Bag ?
For Goodness sake shop around when buying from
lost myself
How many horse power?
these might be the last piccis of them.........
The step at the front door
Scratching pygmy goats
Hiring piglets??
we know there are at least 2
paperwork delay = no piglets :-(
Goat advice.
Mains Electric Fencing.
Mr Blunkett has been extremely lucky.
Last but
Selling Pork from Home ?
Losing a teat to black mastitis - photos added, pretty yukky
Woolly Shepherd & Woolly Waste Open Day!!!
Tragedy at a farm park
Felling woodlands in May
Anyone make their own labels ?
Long wool pics
Jacobs Sheep
Common Ragwort (Senecio jacobaea)
cutting and baling
Hemlock Water Dropwort
Farm Gate Sales
new babies
Guess what?
When Bodgers away...
Egg Sales
Rare Breeds ?
bargain butts
Pigs might fly
Rural Crime
Grazing available near Taunton
berkshire weaners
Plastic electric fence posts ?
Five acres by tender.
Shearing soon? What are you going to do with your wool?
Phew ! What a job.
My First Lamb!
and.................another one
Meat box insulation!!!
Handy idea for pig accomodation.
Extreme sheep herding
Irrisponsible owners!
hoping for
Pic of Longwools
erection of the polytunnel
help needed
At last....
A dream realised....... many thanks
Anyone in the south west got small animals at the moment?
Not for
I want it.
A Harrowing experience today.
Ponds, Ducks and Trout
pigs in woods
its paid off
Branching out into pigs...
Little and large
Piggy Profits???
Pot Belly Pig
An awful 36 hours
Dog cages
Egg glut !
Dexters nice?.........wotever
Welsh Smallholders Show
Not quite Harrison Ford
Make your own pig ark for a fraction of the price
The Victorian Farm DVD
Corrugated tin sheets.
hawkeyes next crop.
and then their were 3....pick heavy
Daft Sow!
Dont you
Mushrooms ?
Merck veterinary manual-now online
twin lamb disease
grants for fencing and draining
It gets
Right now whose Dexter was running around Hull last night???
Speedy delivery
An Idyll ?
we want to keep pigs - advice for newbies
First ones
Uncastrated pigs and meat flavour question
Pigs and Mud?
They start planting the wood tomorrow!
Two new additions
Named cows bring bigger yields?!
This weekend we've...
Getting your produce direct to the customer
A nice surprise
Natural remedies
natural remedy for mastitis in animals
Little things
Sheep Advice, please
One on its way
Your favourite smallholding book
Your farm, your smallholding or large garden ?
Grey Fergie Tractor
How much will it cost
A chance to see a Victorian Farm again.
Organic sectors feed plea.
Planning permission
stuff your road tax
rabbits & chickens
Bracing stuff.
do you recognise
Boxing day babies
busy day
new kids
Useful links
A shortage of shavings !
1 lucky goat
small goats
Little red..........
A fifty pence bargain.
lambing course - January!!!!!
oneway trip
Selling Land
Goat Question
Quails CPH number??
A small piece of woodland.
Home Produce!!
Petition Opposing Electronic Sheep Tagging
what have I done?
Tuesday 28th October. My blog just for the day.
The farm with a pub
"The New Bit" re-visited
How to butcher Livestock and Game
The "new" bit
wool washing and felting!!!
I,ve spent some of my birthday money today.
B****y goats are wild!!
Abattoir forms
be careful when treating animals
Kune Kune piglets
Weaners advertised in the local corn merchants.
The last crop
Soaking wet chimney is history
A useful bit of kit.
An edible lawnmower?
Sheep work
keeping rabbits for meat?
Free Holiday anyone?
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