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On the Smallholding
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Electric Sheep Netting ?
This winter we're going electric.
Sheep for sale
We are on film!!!
Non specific grazers
I did it..........
ear tag question
Seems the right place to post this.
shearing comp
young farmers club
Half a pig, how much should I charge?
A Good Underline in Pigs.
a record for us
Shhhh! Don't tell Hawkeye !
Salt and Vinegar thistle killer
BPA Bloodline Survey.
Dexter in Freezer
I'm beginning to think Saddleback
Hay meadows ?
Soay eating weeds
For breakfast
Flystrike Sheep
Cherry Picking?
boozy pigs
Gloucester Old Spot Pork becomes a Protected Product.
water cleaning
Your Roving OTG Reporter
Healthland Hebridean Sheep
House cow price?
house cow
Sheep and bees don't mix !
My new old farm produce sign.
Tamworth weaners
A good afternoon's
Things to do on a long wet rainy day.
Maggie - Majorette or Metalworker ?
As interesting as watching
The idea of a corn mill resurrected.
Building a Pig Ark?
Buying more chickens?
A threat to Welsh Abbatoirs.
blinking stags
A wonderful little website.
AI for pigs ?
Kune Kune pet girls
And this is how it is.......
Sheepy people we have a huge needlefelting
Piggy pictures to make you go ahhhh!!!!!
We plough the fields and scatter
Butchery DVD.
Iron age pigs
The Old Spot gang...
Pig tag?
Ding! Ding! the taters went in today.
Southdown Ewe Lamb
Calcified seaweed - Wynnstay no longer stock it - help!
the smallest
The smallest........
Clean behind..........
I done been and got me fertilizer me dear !
Tough day to be a herdsman
Nealy 6kg
blinking pigs
lambing time.
Your chance to vote!
A Bag of Weaner Pellets?
Kindred Spirits?
The boys are home.
All Done!!
Katie Thear
Pigs. I could do with some advice.
Temple Newsham
the beginning
Identifying Mushrooms
Lost count.....
Absolutely Fabulous.
Want to run a small farm?
Perfect idea for My year of work experience for college
Uses for wool?
another bad day .
cutting electric netting?
A bit of a windfall.
Day Three.......
Day Two
Pigs kept in Styes
Day One......
The electric fence works.
The Unhappy Pig Company?
Wild flower meadows.
Mangelwurzel Seeds
some pics of mi holidays in Grenada and a pig graphic images
A shock last night
Ancient cattle of wales
New arrival
Sometimes mum knows best + Dog worrying
Boozy Pigs?
pig moving day
Selling eggs
The use of the word 'cull' ?
lambing live
bad day
Were theres a will
Foot and Mouth. Have we learned the lesson ?
A Good start
Whats a fair price for hatching eggs
Pigs. From Pen to Plate
and then there were
A new payment for hill farmers
Our Piglets!!!!
Badger Cull Again.
Poor old Geraldine
Poor little piggy
New sheep.........
All Gone!
Ewe rejecting lamb?
Wish I could say its a small holding re roofing buildings
Surpirsed no one heard
Make a Wildflower Meadow!
My ram
These any good to any one
First Lamb
Farm animals in the snow.
The Lake-updated!
Its a shame.
Grey Fergie
trying times
A bit bigger....
The Bull arrived yesterday
Making hay while the sun shines...
Valerie Porter.
The January Transfer Window.
What would you pay...?
Christmas Wishes
Got some hay in
An update on Echo....
Filming Work
Victorian Farm
They're heeereeeee.................
Homemaking sow.
The benefits of frosty weather
christmas come early
Betty isn't mine.
Fancy a couple of pigs ?
next trip
New arrivals -Dexter calves
An OTG Stock Register ?
In and out like a fiddlers elbow.
A smashing little book.
Pigs of many hues and colours.
Large Blacks.
Even when
The economics and practicality of small scale pork
Finally here
And my latest
Dexter Calf and Mum doing well
Disappointing Bacon
A boost for traditional meat producers.
First Beef............gone!
Pigs, Apples and lots lots more.
the spuds are in
3 ft and full off.........................
Don't look Bodger
Do you fancy running courses on your farm or smallholding ?
Regulations about keeping cattle?
Smallholder ?
Thats going to be me.
Saddleback Pigs. A superb pig and a superb website.
First Beef!
Your jobs for today ?
Pietrain X welsh as fatteners??
A Nice warm overcoat for the old tin barn.
Surprise Journey........
Just a few pics...........
Start the day the healthy way.
New arrivals Soay Sheep
Beware Maggot about
A bag of fertilizer
A Piggy Question
Pietrain Pigs. A question for Borris.
the next
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