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Number 23 has just come in !

Has anyone else noticed that suddenly there are wasps everywhere ? Last year, we hardly saw any but just in this last week, for some reason they have gone beserk.
Sitting here in the shop, I'm armed with an electric bug bat, the door is open onto the street and so far the score is 23      

yep same up here mate the little buggers are everywhere

they are acting like they do later on in the year very lethargic and slow moving - i always think theats when they will sting you  oh.gif

Wasps have been driving me mad today here, everytime it dries up a bit little blighters appear.  
deyzis mum

no not here they must all have gone to wales :biglol:

None round here either.

had a couple in the house yesterday.......every spring we have to keep our windows on the front shut tight....the wasps always try to make nests in our front bedroom for some reason....the people who were here before us, had them nesting 3 years on the trot in the loft.

Loads of the things here tormenting the collie who tries to chase them, but have hardly seen a bee, only 3 all summer.

come to think of it Chris, i haven't seen many bee's either. bit worrying.
Duane Dibbley

Wasps have decimated my pears this year - was in the garden last night removing the fruit from the tree (with very long handled shears !) to try and get rid of them so my daughter doesn't get stung.

Only got stung 3 times  

I havent found any wasp nests this year though, just seen the wasps.
I usually pt a flamethrower to the nests, does the trick, use a small one if its in a shed though, risky but does the trick

I hope you have no wasp nests in the house, can't see your mum being to happy with scorch marks.

All you need to do is put a plastic bag round the nest with a teaspoon of petrol in and tie the bag up, the wasps die from the fumes, don't bother setting it alight though as then you just have angry flaming wasps.
green man

Proprietary wasp destroyer from the DIY store is very effective.

Someone told me that the tumble dryer fabric softener tissues "bounce" is it? well, when they are placed around the barbecue table they are supposed to act as a wasp deterrent.

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