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Nuclear Power

Have just read an article about the inor radiation leak from Dounray power station.
This line was the one that struck me-

Dounreay's nuclear reactor was shut down in 1994 and work to decommission the site in Caithness has been under way since then.

17 years ago this power station stopped producing emergy yet it is still being decommissioned?!?!  Is this ever taken into account in the arguments between pro's and anti's? At least when a wind turbine fails it isn't going to take this amount of  time, cost and energy to clear it up.

I reckon you have to weigh up the equation between service life & the decomissioning time, against it's lifetime power output. The decomissiong times come from the half-life of the fuel source & any contamination of the immediate surrounding cladding, I should think?

I'm still of the view that nuclear power is inherently a good thing. It's just that the negatives can be so overwhelmingly catastrophic if things go wrong  

That's been over 4 decades of clean power it's produced without incident, and it's spent the last few years dealing with radiation waste reprocessing too. I can't help but think the pros outweigh the cons for the time being?

More here:

They've been decommissioning Trawsfynnd for at least as long as that and unless they are keeping things quiet, they didn't have a problem with that one.
They closed Wylfa B on Anglesey a few years ago and now there's talk of them opening another new one up on the site.

Nuclear energy a done deal? Apparently not. If we believe what we are told, then Nuclear energy is the only way forward for the UK but if you read this then the case put forward for it is not so cut and dried.

I know which route I'd rather our country take don't you? With 8000 miles of coastline, surely the UK should be at the forefront of producing green, clean and above all, safe energy.

The russians are coming and not only that, they may very well be building and running a nuclear power station. I'd rather not have any nuclear power in the UK at all but having mind of the russians past trek record, if we've got to have it then I'd rather keep it in house.

It seems that more and more of our utilities are in the hands of foriegners these days, how can that be right?

Great to live in a country that can't have nuclear power as we are too prone to earthquakes  

A bit like Japan you mean?

You cheeky moo   hope we are smarter than they were  

IMO, you are. They have nuclear power and you haven't.

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