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Nuclear Power. Proposed New and Reused sites announced.

Living in an area that is bracketed by two nuclear power sites I think I can understand the dismay and possibly the fear that some people must be feeling as the plans for the next generation are announced.

I'm not a scientific sort of person in anyway, but I'd rather hoped like many that nuclear power had been put permanently on the back burner and that it was simply going to go away. This obviously not going to be the case, which means that IMO all the wind farms and various other percieved green developments have just been a bit of a customers relations exercise. Just another exercise in spin.
The UK now looks set on the nuclear power route to supply this crowded island with its power. Maybe I'm being errational but I don't like the idea. The decisions about to be taken, will have effects that will last for centuries.  Ask yourself this, what sort of example are we setting the verynations that we are currently opposed to getting their own nuclear programmes ?

I realise that very few of us will have a clear picture as to whether we really need nuclear power, but I'm equally sure that most of us wont trust this present government to make the right decisions for the right reasons.

Whar do folks feel about these announcements ?

Re: Nuclear Power. Proposed New and Reused sites announced.

I worked in the power industry back in late 70's. We made a report on state of the UK power and advised 30 years ago that we should start planning new power stations, as per usual nothing done until too late, we import nuclear generated power from France via a large sub-sea cable.

Wind power fine when wind blows, coal fired okay as long as proper scrubbers are used, nuclear is alright as long as we can contain it, no major mishaps in the UK, US and Russia well enough said.

What about geothermal using the earths heat to generate steam to power steam driven power generators?

Hydro schemes, not enough places left to flood! Last one Glen Doe comes on this year up in the Highlands.

I think geothermal way to go and it would bring back our great British engineering industry.


Not keen on Nuclear Power alone but it conjuction with Wind Farms (NIMBY), use of tidal/water power etc. it can be the only way forward. At least they do not rely on dwindling Fossel Fuels or contribute towards Carbon Monoxide increases.
The way the demand for power is increasing I also think that we should do away with the Public Enquiries that allow projects to be held up for years by Mr. & Mrs. Bloggs objections that only boil down to, not in my village or where I can see it. We are going to have to put our trust in expert analysis of the situation ref. enviromental impact on plant, wildlife, human impact and thus get something moving.
That would probally take ten years anyway while the Elected Sub-Committee look into the setting up of the Committee to oversee the setting up of the proceedures for choosing the right bodies and representatives to form a steering group to look into the feasability of wether the formation of the group from which the working study group could form an impartial committee of experts without any vested interests.

Think we've had it.

Don't like it at all. :evil9:

Very little mention is made of the fact that uranium is a finite resource and that it takes huge amounts of energy to extract it.

Nuclear power plants are built on the coast; the sea level is rising and the weather is becoming more severe.

We still haven't found a way of safe storage of our current radioactive waste.

Not a happy bunny.

I agree with Bazzer, at the moment nuclear as part of the energy mix is the only way forward, no security of supply in gas from E Europe as the Russia/Ukraine row at the start of the year showed. Geothermal isn't really a starter in the UK, shallow stuff doesn't generate enough for mass applications and we ain't got the hot rocks to support the deeper stuff like say Iceland manages.
As to radioactive waste management we've known what to do with for years, deep geological disposal, its just no political party in power has had the guts to make the desision!

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