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Now that rightly or wrongly the UK has decided to leave the EU, do you think there's any chance that we might go back to feet and inches ? Oh how I wish !

and pounds, shillings, and pence,
pounds and ounces. pints and gallons.
would be great

It sure would. I'd be able to understand what I was getting then.

It would confuse the kids that have been taught in metric too much

If you've ever cured meat, made sausage, salami etc. you wouldn't be saying that. Scaling metric recipes is so much easier.


Do you know how much of primary schooling was taken up simply in teaching children measures ? From weights to money, from capacity to dozens.

Over half.

It's a much wider, richer curriculum now, and more relevant to the world they're growing up in to use metric.
It's all just tens

American education suffers still, even though they just keep it to pounds and ounces and cups and gallons, and their money is metric anyway.

Our coinage was pretty unique though I still have a stash of the old ones.


But you're Scottish, it's only to be expected.  The stash of dosh I mean.

Cultural imperative there, old bean

The old coins were beautiful though, silver tanners and thrupenny bits, half crowns and florins, shillings and farthings.
Lot of history just wiped out in one fell swoop.

Children look at old coins now and think we were crazy, but I mind thinking that when my Grandpa talked of groats and merks and guineas.

I have a jar of the old pennies, the old Queen's ones are worn so thin they're almost patina'd. All those old kings too, no one minds them now.


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