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Now that it's all over ...

We can get ourselves back into the gardening groove.

The allotment rent is due on 3rd January and once that's paid, well it's properly the end of the winter break.

Well the greenhouse herb garden has provided the oregano for tonight's spag bog so the gardening continues.

Been out getting the snow off the tunnel. Had about 4" last night.
I'm very carefull now as I had one destroyed 3 yrs back  
On the bright side I've also got some herbs, some winter lettuce and a few chillies that are good to use.  

We still haven't had a frost here and we have a few green tomatoes in the poly trying their best to ripen.

To get back to what we laughingly call normal here. Get out and lose weight   Move arrigation twice a day etc.

Have been into the garden centre for an order of compost to be delivered next Friday. First customer of the year in the gardening side (the cafe was already busy with regulars) at 09:45.

And the allotment rent was paid yesterday! I'm an official plot holder again.

A great feeling Christine.... One I certainly miss

Called into our local G/Centre on Saturday, it was dead also, they have opened a 2nd café, both were full, all the usual suspects drinking copious amounts of tea and coffee. Could it be the place to be seen these days two elder G'sons gift me with  token from there each year.
So I purchaced my spuds for the coming season.

Garden centres are becoming shops with gardening extras attached.

Trouble is that there are so many places to buy gardening  stuff (internet, seeds in all sorts of shops, stuff in the pound shop, allotment association clubs) that it's no longer enough just to sell gardening items in a garden centre.

But yes it's good to feel that it's time to start things off again. Mind the Japanese onions and elephant garlic have been in for some long time. It's just the interesting things like peas, beans, salad stuff that it would be nice to have fresh again.

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