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Now kids. Dad needs a new hunting lamp.

Christmas is coming quickly and I need a new hunting lamp. The one that I have now is of the home made variety and although its performed well, its definately seen better days. The switch that I fitted it with, is of the bedside lamp variety and its been known to burn the fingers a little bit.
Time for a new one and also time for my four kids to chip in a little bit for the old mans Chrimbo present. At one time, it seemed as though I did nothing but go lamping but since then, things seem to have moved forward into the 21st century and if I'm honest, I haven't got a clue what to get.
At the moment, any lamp that I was to get, would be used in conjunction with a shotgun for rabbits but in the future, it might also get some use if the next dog that we were to have was to be a lurcher.
Anyone got any recommendations as to what lamp I should be getting? There's a huge variety to choose from and its quite bewidering.  
A lamp and the chest waders that I mentioned a few weeks ago, should see me quite nicely sorted.

One for the Pot

I use a Tracer 170 variable. Strong, bullet proof too as the wiring is properly made.. something that lamps do fail on.

Theres a big market out there for lamps. I use mine along side dogs and rifle. Very large flats fields here and the 170 has more than enough light for what I need.


How much and where would you get one from? I found this link yesterday, what do you think?


that lamp you put up bodger is the one i will be getting once the whippet pup is old enough as we dont have huge fields down here so dont need anything any bigger to lamp with
One for the Pot

Much cheaper here John, for the price on that web site you get a 170 for the same price, and 20 more you get variable which in my opinion is a must!


Cheers mate, that was what I was hoping for. I've very much dropped out of being in the swim.

This the one i use my son and I have one each.

Mine has a 12 volt 7amp/hr battery that fits either to your belt or in a pocket the switch is velcroed to your gun, absolutely brilliant for lamping.
It fits directly onto a scope or if top barrel of O/U shotgun. My sons Side by Side has a tube taped to the top and he clips the lamp on

I know there a lot of money but i cant see how you can lamp efficiently and safely with a gun in one hand and a lamp in the other. The only other way is for someone else to hold the lamp and then what happens is there lamping something and your following them. Not good IMHO
I was given the same lamp as the one in your link and to be honest i havn,t a clue where ive put it. I think and it is only my opinion that there rubish if you can loan or use a Deben you will see why

Bodger ive just looked at this sites index page
And as you can see the lamps are priced at 169.95 inc battery
Ive just clicked on the lamp to view and the price comes up as 74.95
When i purchased mine i Paid almost 150 Maybe worth a look

One for the Pot

Slipster which lamp is rubbish and why? Be interesting to know.


Hi one for the pot

The hand held ones are deffo not suitable for shotgun lamping, If lamping with dogs im sure they are as good as anything ( i have never lamped with dogs) In my opinion the lamp should be fixed to the gun and the battery in your pocket or on your belt. There is nothing worse than shooting with someone else with them holding the lamp.
Like i said i have a hand held one and compared to the Deben its Rubish, But i only shoot at night with either a shotty or Rimfire and does not include dogs.

The "rubish" comment was meant for  using a hand held for night shooting with a Shotgun and not really pointed at the lamp itself  
One for the Pot

Hi Slipster, I do shoot with rifle mostly from the landy if we want numbers and on foot for larger quarry.  I have used the odd rifle with lamp attached, and for me it felt that the rifle was too heavy and unbalanced. Maybe there are better lamps these days for rifles.  Yes you need a good second person to shine the lamp!


That would be me.

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