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not too late?

Please tell me all is not lost? Due to looking outside and thinking,,," meh" I have not dug over anything yet  
Seeds are down in the greenhouse, but I've done nothing else in the garden, it's a flooded muddy swamp at the moment.
I still have time right?
I have good soil where my veg patch is, and lots of chicken poop,,, with that save me?

No it is still only early, I havn't started anything yet either, might just get the tiller out this weekend, and as they say, you never put spuds in before St Patrick's Day - 17th March  

We are all late this year with the winter as it has been - and I've seen snowflakes this morning although only little ones. Those of us who have been through the floods or next to them are waiting for things to dry out even now on the ground.

Whereabouts do you live ecomum?

I haven't put any seeds into the propagator as yet, because it's been far too cold at night. We live in a mild part of the UK but I wouldn't risk putting anything outdoors yet.
I ran the 'Mantis' in the poly tunnel a few weeks ago and turned some well rotted farmyard manure into the ground. The soil is nice and soft and as rain is forecast here for the next couple of days, I'm going to get out of the wet a bit and turn the whole lot over again with a spade.

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