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Not particularly impressed....................

with Landrover at the moment. Not only has the electronic lock on the tailgate decided to play silly buggers, but this evening the handbrake decided that actually holding the car in one place was outwith its job description.........................

Still, I s'pose it's as well the bdooly wall was there. Id've had a wee bit of a walk ahead of me otherwise......................

And I guess these were about due replacement anyway..............

And the gate was past its best, it has to be said......................

So, 'every cloud' & all that. I've shed weight on the Landy, so it should go a wee bit faster. And we have some free wood. AND I get to practice my neglected drystone walling skills  



Good job you weren't parked on a cliff top

At least there wouldn't have been 10' of bdooly drystone to repair  

Woodsmoke wrote:
At least there wouldn't have been 10' of bdooly drystone to repair  

Would come and do it for you if you weren't so far away!

Oh my goodness  

Gald you are OK

Look on the bright side mate, that hole in the wall does open up a lovely vista!!

Is the handbrake on a Freelander on the transmission - like a Defender? or on the back brakes?

I remember always leaving my Landy in gear as the handbrake was never too good.

That opening is the right size for a new gate  

Gordon Bennet Stu !

Ach, it could've been a lot worse John! At least the wall stopped it running down that hill, & it's a sturdy enough beast not to have suffered more than a couple of busted lenses  

As it is, I spent a very pleasant (if slightly drizzly) hour or so this evening rebuilding the drystone..................

Another hour should see it back to its former glory  


Just as well you had the bull bars Stu! That job jar seems to be like mine it never seems to get emptied!

Still We are off to Loch Lochy on Sat till Tues taking the muts with us as the chalet people are dog friendly, guy said I can moor my boat there Yeah some good news for a change!


That'll be nice mate. Hope you get the weather!

Like you say, thank god for the bullbars..........still, that list of jobs is long enough without adding to it  

Back end to be stripped this weekend & the brakes overhauled (MIlton? Handbrake locks up the rear drums.............or not, in my case). Apparently it's a common thing on the F1 for the handbrake to let go. Wish I'd found that out before it took off down the bdooly drive though! Theres a cable mod' that replaces the OE with teflon-coated cables, so that may be an idea. They should've designed the ruddy thing right in the first place though, is my thinking  

You're not thinking about making a claim against the manufacturer are you?  

Heh heh..................I reckon I'd have a case  

Well if you need any help . . . . . . . .  

Fancy going for the big time?    

You know me, I'm game  

Woodsmoke wrote:
They should've designed the ruddy thing right in the first place though, is my thinking  

Heh ... Landrover design has always been something of a moveable feast hasn't it?

Remember when they brought out the latest generation of Defenders, with the Puma (Ford Transit) engine? ... in line with all good modern design practice, it has a plastic sump (so do many vehicles thesedays) but what they hadn't planned for was the proximity of the drive train - especially under off road use when the articulation really gets tested - and so there were a good few instances of broken sumps caused by contact with moving parts.  

Worst still ... the Freelander is now built at Halewood  

But by all accounts it's quite a decent motor - not that I'm attempting to cast aspersions or anything  

Sorted! Couple of hours last night, then half an hour or so to finish it off this afternoon.................  

I'm actually quite fond of the Freelander, to be honest Milton. It's a comfortable motor on-road, & its off-road ability would surprise you!

Had an interesting chat with the idiot who owns the farm we live on this evening.......................

Far from being grateful that I'd bothered to take the time & effort to rebuild the wall my landy demolished, he was wondering why I hadn't claimed on my insurance so his jerry-built shambles of a gate could be replaced at my expense.

I don't think he was overly-impressed when I pointed out that my insurers weren't likely to fall for a claim that a Freelander destroyed 37 gates on the place

Nor was he impressed at my offer to 'knock the bdooly thing right back down' if he wasn't happy with it.

And far be it from him to enquire as to whether or not anyone was hurt, or how bad the damage was to my vehicle!

Honestly, some people were just born to spend their entire lives in constant danger of being punched

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