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Not even a funeral.

I don't know when or how it happened, but a number of old friends have passed away over the last few years and it's only recently I've started to miss them.

Mr Common Sense.
Mr and Mrs Respect.
Mrs Dignity.
Mrs Polite.
Mr Unselfish.

Probably a few more that have passed on I have missed as well.

Am I getting old or what ?

   we have seen the same thing values died as well even self respect Maybe we are of an age to remember when they were always about

A world our parents warned us about.

Actually I think these old friends are still there if you look for them.

My son and daughter have a great respect for elderly people.  Kieran works and is a comittee member of the woodturning club and often says how much he learns from the guys - average age 72.
(And they in turn respect him too, which is nice, as Ive always see respect as something earned, not owed)

Dignity is a harder ne to find, Ill grant you, but hasnt that always been the case?

Unfortunately common sense is a rare jewel.

My daughter definately dosnt have it, but my son has it in spades.

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