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not been yet, but going....

to "Live and Deadly" i think its called although its not live ,,with the boy. BBC kids show never seen it but the boy assures me its brilliant, hmmmmm. anyway wish me luck...dozens of excited kids deadly bugs and many wet parents...thrilled

Where do they make that?

You'll have a great time.

Many many years ago our little boy got to go on Tiswas (remember that?)
They must have made a mistake, because he was invitied twice actually.
Parents were put out of harm's way in a viewing theatre and plied with biscuits and coffee while we watched our little darlings doing their worst!

The first time we went, our child was brought out during the interval howling his head off because 'we don't get to see the adverts in there....blub, blub, blub...!'
The second time, he was ejected for fighting! Quite an achievement for such an anarchic programme we thought  

is that at the news Salford Quays site?  Was involved in the site during construction, it's an impressive spot.

its made at various locations, NW is in Preston, across the country

here's an example:

eye candy muscle boy for all the mums lol

Tiswas with added wildlife

We saw this at Norwich. it was brilliant with loads of snakes and creepy crawlies - also Steve Backshall is a bit gorgeous! so...DD and me very happy. Love Lizzie

Toms deadly day out......


Looks like a belter.  Nice one for sharing mate!!

Thanks love all but the big worm thing  bet it was a great time

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