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Not a good result.

Are people in the UK just paying lip service to the problems faced by the planet ? It looks like it. I for one, was totally unaware that such an event had taken place.

First I've heard of it.
Bit of a P.R. Disaster.

Wondered what you were going on about till  opened the link

 not heard about it here till now - Bazzar think it a bit bigger than 'Bit of P.R. Disaster' Total come to mind

Just a stunt and a pointless one unless the publicity before hand was substantial. rolleyes.gif

Even then,most people don't give a toss,so it's still pretty pointless. :sad11:

Yep, I work in envionmental science research and this was the first I'd heard of it!

shocked.gif was totally totally unware of this. I wish the press could have informed us in a way instead of the useless rubbish they normally report on to the nation!

I never heard anything about an energy saving day either rolleyes.gif  It would have been interesting to see what we could have done without for 24 hours and then to see if the cuts were sustainable.

We didn't know about it either, and like Bex, would have liked to have known so we could have a go too.

Definitely a well kept secret.

I did not know about it, and according to Radio Broadland, neither did most of it's listeners.

Radio Broadland has announced on all of the shows today, that Norfolk will have it''s own " Switch it off day," for the 28th of March, and has also been encouraging businesses to set computers to Automatic shut down if they have stood unused for more than 15 minutes. The response from local listeners has been tremendous, with many pledges made.

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