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Not a good day

At 12.30 I have to give Jasper a whole load of sedatives.At 2 my very good friend at vet is coming to give him his final injection. Until then I'm trying to keep things as 'normal' as possible ...I'm not doing very well

So so sorry - keep strong.  Thinking of you in your sadness x

Sorry to hear this Sandra, sad day indeed.

  from all us and ours here   to hear

thinking of you  

What an awful day you are having.
I can fully sympathise and we are all thinking of you.

Never an easy time, thinking of you.

So sorry~thinking of you.
chicken feed


I tear up every time I read something like this.  We all know that we are most likely going to outlive our doggy friends, but, oh, how it hurts when we do.

You have my deepest sympathies.


gutted for you never easy

So sorry this day has come for you.  Safe journey Jasper. xxx

 So sorry for you. A sad day. Been there myself and really feel for you. Huge hugs, Lizzie

Thinking of you  

Thank you - all of you.

Thanks to the best friend and most professional vet anyone could ask for Jasper had the most peaceful passing possible.

After a short potter outside in the sun, followed by a small bowl of, usually forbidden, catfood (laced with tablets) he fell asleeep at my feet in the sun until my friend came, she talked to him softly whilst injecting him.

He is now buried in the area I keep the broody hens and chick arks on and where he would spend most of the summer. I used to like to think he was protecting the birds but in reality he knew when I moved the arks there would be spilt chicks crumbs to hoover up.

He'll be greatly missed.
Rosie Posie

awww, big hugs Sandra xxx

So sorry  

Im crying while I read your post, we lost our beloved springer 2 weeks ago.

Thinking of you at this very sad time  

No matter how many you've had this bit never gets any easier.

Remember reading once," Dogs are such agreeable friends,they ask no favours and they pass know criticism."

Ferret wrote:
Remember reading once," Dogs are such agreeable friends,they ask no favours and they pass know criticism."

Love that  

So sorry for your loss.

Aww thats a lovely way to go. Big hugs to you, Lizzie XXX

So sorry for your loss  
Dave C

So very sorry, its such a sad time.
colour it green

so sorry

such a wrench

but nice you could give him the last gift of a peaceful happy exit at home.

I'm so sorry to hear this - having lost my "best friend" recently, I know just how you are feeling.

Someone sent me the following, which helped, a little, so I pass it on to you in the hope that it will do the same for you.

A Message From Heaven

Although I could not speak to you, one look into my eyes should have told you how much I loved you.
I understood and was thankful for everything you did to keep me with you but it was time for me to go on.
To those who say animals have no soul, I tell you this is not so.
There exists a very special place for us in Heaven.
We were created to share with you our love and knowledge, Unconditionally.
The reason you miss me so is because of that Love.
I never judged you but was always there to love you when you needed me.
I hope I have taught you well.
If you search, you will understand just how much you have learned about yourself from me.
Thank you for your love and for your home.
Please, don't cry, but know I am with you Always, in your heart.
by Kevin Z. 1997


fleurie thank you for putting that, it brought tears to my eyes as I thought about all our past n present cats n dogs thank you.

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