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Not a good day

Yesterday my daughters got up at 5.30 and got their ponies ready to go showjumping. Off we went at 7.30 and got 1/2 a mile from our destination to find i had lost the use of the gear box in the lorry. For the last 10 miles or so i had found it difficult to get 1st or 2nd gear and the clutch had a lot of play in it and i stupidly thought, in my ignorance, that maybe the problem was with the clutch pedal and i could get my usual mechanic to sort it on friday...doh!

We got to the far outskirts of Market Rasen to find i had no gears at all and had to call the recovery out. A very nice young man came out and told me my slave cylinder had gone on my gearbox and that it was leaking clutch fluid, (hence the problems with the clutch pedal) and i would need to be towed to a garage.

So there i am, stuck on the side of the A46, with 2 girls and two ponies on the back of a buggered lorry. Only real problem being, the recovery garage couldn't do anything until the end of next week and a garage close to me couldn't do anything until the end of this week and possibly not till next.  Fortunately i made a phonecall to my big sis and asked her to suss her garage out and bless them the lorry is in there and will hopefully be ready by tomorrow afternoon for me to pick up.

The recovery driver took me home to drop off the neds and then to the garage, where big sis picked me and the girls up and took us home.

My daughters were absolute stars, considering their day had been well and truly messed up, they spent 3 hours sat on the side of the road in the cold (the heating in the cab has also decided to pack in) waiting for the recovery wagon to tow us away, and then had to suffer the journey home, then to the garage and back home again, which must have been a journey of approx 120 miles or more without a whinge or complaint. They enjoyed the trip in the recovery truck, especially when the driver told my youngest how heavy it was and the weight it could tow, she was very impressed. Not so when he offered me a go at driving it though, the gasps and comments of "Oh god no, she'll put us in a ditch" and similar came thick and fast and when the driver slowed down and went to pull over I think they were both going to have a coronary   Unfortunately for me he changed his mind and didnt repeat his offer for some strange reason.

7.30 until 5pm we were out and was i glad to get home for a decent cuppa?

I didn't think i would ever need recovery on the lorry, but am glad i have it now, especially when the driver told me they charge by the hour and i had already racked up about 800 worth of recovery charges and we still had an hours drive to the garage to go.

Fingers crossed i get my lorry back tomorrow in time to go for my lesson with the riding club in the evening and then to the beach on thursday.

The comment by my Boss this morning of "have a nice day chilling out with the horse?" was not well received.


Sorry you had such a rotten day when you were all hoping to have fun.  We had to get taken home the other evening, brakes locked on our 4x4, so have spent a fortune last few days getting that sorted.

Hope you have the lorry back for your beach trip.
Grandma Bodger

do hope you have got over your awful day I think the girls were brilliant  

Thank goodness you had insurance on the lorry

We got the lorry back yesterday and had a fab day at the beach today. However the lorry is back in the garage now as the gears are still not right, 1st and 2nd are nowhere to be seen and 4th is fun to find at times. The mechanic thinks it could be an airlock or the gears may need bleeding. I'm no expert so its gone back to them to sort.


I have finally got the lorry sorted, due to the age of the engine it had to have the master cylinder replaced as well as the slave cylinder. So hubby took it to the garage yesterday and had a wander around Louth whilst they fixed it. The garage have been brilliant and nothing has been too big a problem for them, i will definately use them when it is due a plating in jun.  It is lovely to drive now and it means i can take part in the ODE i have entered this weekend now.


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