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NorthEast Moutain Cur Hunt (lots of pics)

Last weekend was the Cur Hunt of the North. My dog Flatiron Fudd became a squirrel champion w/ a cast win . Third in the treeing contest and scratched in the coon hunt after treeing 3 different coon in less than 20 minutes . The dogs have to hold each tree for 5 minutes , he held two trees at the same time for over 15 minutes and was minused each time he left one tree for the other Go figure , hunt was won by a dog in another cast that never treed a coon during the two hours w/ a score of
   Michelle won w/ our Tinker bitch in her class.

some other pics of the hunt.

Bodger , this place should look familiar to you --------------its the Archery Club.

Great looking dogs there

Very nice curs, flatiron!

Congratulations on another win!

Great looking dog   glad you won sure earned it, "Rules are made by fools and enforced by idiots"  

Great stuff Flatiron and congratulations to the Mutt

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