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None are mine

Spent the day up at High Borrans, had my two out but i cant photograph and chase them simultaneously   anyway snap a few of my mates dogs. wee Bert the cocker pup; sam a young ESS, dotty trialing prospect and Tula his old wildfowler, rough shooter spaniel.

and this being Cumbria.............yes it rained

Dave C

Nice looking Spaniels bb looks a nice spot as well  

its fantastic in the sunshine not that it happens much  

they're my mates, first one is a 12 month old dog, Sam, second is his old bitch think she is around 4/5 he just shoots with her, third  two year old bitch entered her first novice last season, and last is 6 month old Bert the cocker. my two in the dog box. nice quiet no-one bothers you [except for the 20 ramblers who opted to have lunch opposite us,,,all that space....] just putting out lines etc cold game mostly. good day. dog did good and bad mine so i was pleased and learnt where i need to correct things

great looking dogs sounds like a great day too thanks

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