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No more roast dinners

Its  the time of year where our household stops having any Sunday roasts,
so when we have Christmas day roast we enjoy it more  

Now this year i would like a different type or roast, any suggestions????

To be honest i'm not a roast dinner person, and i like Thick tasty gravy.

About 3 years ago we had Chinese for Christmas dinner, and i enjoyed that alot.

I think you should have something Special, something you rarely have but LOVE.  But its hard to please everybody.

Has anyone done anything different for Christmas day dinner ????

We once had a whole poached salmon for Christmas dinner and The leftovers were delicious lol

Well we have had   spit roasts and such like with salad but remember temp cad be 27-30deg on the day.

What a good idea!

In the past for Christmas I've made:
Game pies and terrines
Mixed game curries (served in giant Yorkshire puds
Christmas dinner pizza
(Whole) Quail en croute

I've never done a turkey dinner for Christmas, on the one occasion we did have turkey, I was ill and couldn't cook, so Mrs 12Bore and my mum cooked it, I took the giblets bag out at the table...

This year we're having organic, free range forerib of beef, straight from the farm, cooked very slowly in a herb and horseradish crust.

A nice joint of venison?

we may have quail this year as a starter      but coulds be seafood    i haven't decided yet.......nothing unusual for mains tho ...turkey and sides all the way    the boys love it........prob a salmon for later and boxing day....along with one of our own hams   boiled and roasted with a gorgeous glaze.....and of course the aforementioned xmas pud    

If its not Turkey then it has to be Rib of Beef   < Supposed to be cowboy fetching his Beef  

We have hams done "eating one now for taste test" pork done and beast back week after next so plenty of meat, don't know what else I don't get told females sort it out me just eat  

Xmas Hams    

we took the hams out yesterday     We left the bone in one and deboned the other two and then rolled them. now in the freezer for Xmas


yummy I'm droooooling at the thought of them

We had a game terrine for starters last year. Didn't tell the twelve guests what was in it until after they had eaten it.........the usual pheasant, pigeon, vension and a tasty bit of squirrel! My sister hasn't spoken to us much since!! LOL.

We are having a bit of beef and possibly a bit of lamb.  Im also getting the 'do we have to have lamb again?' thing from the kids.

We had goose last year (our goose)and I really dont think I was that impressed - it was nice, but not more-ish and the effort to get one from egg to table was too much for an 'okay' meal.
Now, a little partridge would be nice.

Had our loast roast dinner till christmas yesterday.  Will be a 25lb turkey and a whole leg of pork for us on christmas day and either a fore rib of beef or haunch of venison on new years day.   i don't do starters for either day but boxing day I really push the boat out with cold meat and pickles on the table and a huge tub of buttery mash on a hot plate then fill in the gaps with all sorts of delicasies from smoked salmon tartlets to pastry free quiche to massive bowl of shell on prawns and cockels(a relic from my nans days although I draw the line at the bowl of jellied eels) massive cheese board, the christmas cake comes out as do the home made truffles and chocolate tarts.  All on the table by mid day then its open house for the next two days. Love it
Duane Dibbley

We'll be there by one  

Duane Dibbley wrote:
We'll be there by one  

careful as I might hold you to it - in fact I'll force your hand by telling Izzy and do you really think you would be able to talk your way out of it if I were to tell her we have piglets due on christmas day??????

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