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Dave C

No luck with Welsummers

One of last years Welsummers was taken by a fox yesterday at around 9am  
It was the one that I suspected of being slightly unpure.
So I wasn't breeding from her anyway, but her eggs were lovely and dark.

Also I was feeding my new Welsummer Cockerel today I thought he looked a little strange.
He wasn't putting his left leg down properly and his wing was slightly dropped    so I am suspecting Mareks disease.
Luckily he is still in quarantine as I haven't sorted my new breeding pen out yet but if it's as I suspect he will have to be bumped off tomorrow

Why are Welsummers so difficult  
There either not laying, not hatching and now dieing on me  

I'm afraid that you're right about Mareks, as you know, those symptoms are  typical of the disease.
Touch wood, I've never had any of it in my Welsummers and of course, I could fix you up with some hatching eggs. You could also consider buying some eggs from our member Cuckoo Marans, his birds are top notch.
Dave C

Thanks for the offer i will bear it in mind
I haven't spoken with the breeder yet but I'm sure he will say the rest of his stock are clean, I have heard that newly moved birds can get it brought on through stress, not sure if it's true.
I do know he didn't like being in the ark when he first came.

I really like this bird and the line of eggs he came from are excellent.
Although obviously I am reluctant to get another cockerel from the guy would I be ok getting hatching eggs ?
I think I read that the chicks would be clear

Yup Dave. You're right.
Dave C

Well I checked him this morning and he looked worse!!
Was sitting right back on his arse and just balancing with his legs
So I had to end it for him  

Not 100% it was Mareks but whatever it was I didn't want it in my Welsummer blood lines.
So the breeding plans are temporally on hold.

No luck with welsummers

I think the main reason why mareks disease is a problem is that breeders tend to breed from pullets instead of using older hens. Just like egg colour or a breed standard,disease resistance can be bred for. If your hens have lived to reach a good age,without the need to artificially protect them with vaccines and drugs.there should be a fair chance that they have some resistance to the more common diseases .I think  as in life we all want  to achieve everything over night but with  poultry breeding you need to have  patience .

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