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No landfill waste from your house?

Let's just consider a minute how we go.

I've just put out the recycling bin which has lots of things in it which don't have to go to landfill - that's good

BUT the council only has to give figures for collecting recyclable items - it doesn't actually have to recycle them but can take them straight to landfill - that's bad  :q52:

But IT GETS WORSE - I have half a carrier bag of items which used to be taken for recycling but which now have to go in the landfill bin (this is not all mine as I've done a litter sweep of small cut used by public between this building and  next)  :smt077

There are three cartons from vegetables which could be used for something like cress on the windowsill if I punch holes in the bottom - that's good

BUT it means bringing potting compost from somewhere else. Now if I was your typical pensioner living in a flat I would have to buy the compost from a garden centre and it would be in a non recyclable plastic bag - oh and where would the compost go when it was no use anymore? Why the landfill bin.  :smt077  

Obviously I'm not going to be a no landfill rubbish for a year person then.  :sad11: I wanna know how people do it. Tell me.

Hi Christine

Heres a link to a family in NZ who are aiming to do just that!

Perhaps we should all give it a go eh!
Fey Dunnabitt

NZPOME wrote:
Perhaps we should all give it a go eh!

No 'perhaps' about it. I did manage it for many years, then I got very lax, mainly because it seemed so hopeless and pointless - there I was being so careful and frugal, but the seas of plastic were mounting all around - but recently I've started being ultra-strict again and, in the last two months, I've bought/disposed of a not-very-full 20litre bag of plasticky things - about 3 litres if squashed. That was mainly the little plastic spouts from the top of tetrapack type cartons and a few small plastic wrappings that I honestly couldn't avoid. If I succeed for a whole year, I'll have made about 18-20 litres of Bad Rubbish, which isn't an outrageous quantity. However, it doesn't go to landfill, but to an incinerator (which is still bad, but less so.)
I've been looking at the things I bought during my lax period and am so ashamed. It's horrifying that one can acquire so much synthetic stuiff, so quickly, from bedding to hose-joiners. (More centuries in Purgatory, Fey. :sad10: )
The trouble comes when you need to replace things that just don't exist any more except in plastic or partly plastic.
But my neighbour produces mountains of the stuff, specially now he makes haylage instead of hay, and either leaves it to blow around into the woods and streams, or burns it, or chucks it into a hole in the woods. That's including empty pesticide containers. They're on the local council, so it's awkward, but I intend to 'shop' them anyway. It's too important to ignore. Unfortunately, most of the farmers here are as unecological as possible and a lot of them have intensive rearing sheds as well.

You're right Fey, no 'perhaps' at all.

I do try to be very conscious of what we buy, and try to avoid the packaging. But with some things it's nigh on impossible.

I tend to look for things packaged in cardboard or paper, at least we can re-use it, either by burning in the furnace and it's easier to send for recycling, assuming they are recycling of course.

Our aim in time will be to be as self sufficient as possible, so we are at least working towards it. On another thread about growing your own veg, I put a link for a 100 ft diet challenge. I think that will be of some interest for you.

That link certainly made interesting reading - bit of a cheat having a major clear out first methinks though ::

However looking at what you buy with regard to the waste that is produced is certainly an excellent way to go. As a child living on a farm with no dustbin collection the only waste we had was tins from food bought in them. Everything else was recycled, reused or fed to the stove that provided the cooking and hot water facility.

A quiet head scratching as to the way that I go shopping is going to be the first port of call. Mind, on a state pension with no car (though a good bus service) there is a limit to exactly what I can do in some areas. Doesn't mean that lots of improvements can't be made.

Or course in a council flat it isn't possible to put in a wood burning stove to take care of some of the rubbish - though buying it in the first place is cheating I suppose. It also wrecks the idea of 100 steps as the allotment is half a mile away.
Fey Dunnabitt

Did you see the link I put elsewhere, showing the albatrosses and turtles? Here it is:  You really need to read it all properly, to see just how bad it is. .The photos are shocking enough, but the details are, if possible, even worse.
I keep meaning to write to Ecover and the other "ecofriendly" products manufacturers who put everything in plastic containers. It's disgusting. I wouldn't buy their phoney rubbish. Soap works, vinegar and newspaper are fine for windows. Everything's in or made of plastic now. Even biscuits packets are made of some wierd stuff that looks like spacesuits. My shopping is very simple indeed!
But it's pointless just to change our shopping habits - we have to write letters to the directors of the shops and to M.P.s and councillors. I know I should do a lot more of that. (I switch the computer on to do useful things and then get involved in forums.) Of course, really, we should try not to use any big supermarkets anyway, with their tarmac and lights and immoral ways, but round here that's almost impossible.
Fey Dunnabitt

In this link and the ones that follow that page, you can see that the plastics that wrap or contain your food aren't as stabvle/inert as we've been led to believe and aren't harmless.
I get The Ecologist newletter and The Daily Green one, as well as those from Rainforest Action Network, PWAF (CWF) Greepeace and a few others. No wonder I'm dperessed!    But it does allow me to sign all the petitions, send emails to manufactuerrs and governments, etc. and although it's so depressing, shutting our eyes to it just allows it to get worse.
I mean, for ages, I believed the lies about RoundUp and happily sloshed it about. Then I started reading The Ecologist and so on and learned the facts. You can't take anything on trust, really. There are goodies as well as bad as baddies, but you have to check everything.

There is one thing, though - a lot of people may not care now and may not care later, because by that time, they'll be so full of plastic and botox that they won't be real any more, just substitute a computer for the brain and Bob's your robot.

Recycling glass I'm sure that I read somewhere that it takes more energy to recycle glass than it actually does to make it from scratch. Has anyone else heard that ?

bodger wrote:
Recycling glass I'm sure that I read somewhere that it takes more energy to recycle glass than it actually does to make it from scratch. Has anyone else heard that ?

Yes and no. The figures for recycling include all the sorting, smashing, etc. What it doesn't take into account is the movement of the raw materials, etc. As always smoke and mirrors.

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