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No bees to loadsabees overnight

I lost my bees over the winter and invested in a nucleus from Easy Bee in Gloucester, - on the same day I came home with my new bees, I found a swarm had taken up residence in one of my hives, fortunately I had a spare, so now have got loads of bees, hooray!

We look forward to hearing more (and seeing photos) of your bees  
green man

Telepathic bees are the best I should imagine.
Rick & Carol

Interesting - had you done anything to tempt a swarm to your hive? We have just put a hive together and were planning to get a nuc after we finish our bee course but a free swarm that you dont even have to capture sounds even better.

any hive which has containted bees in the past attracts swarms
ive had hives which havent containted bees for 8 years have attracted swarms
I use to use a pheromone to attract them which works very well with bees  in a 2-3 mile radius
Rubbing lemon balm leaves round the hive entrance to attract scout bees works well too
an empty hive is never empty for long
I have had 3 swarms house themselves this year one only yesterday
anyone thinking of getting a nucleus this year is pushing it for time  they need time to build up and gather stores as a weak hive never gets through the winter without alot of care

Lemon balm, and then if your lucky an you get a swarm feed with about a gallon of syrup (sugar solution).

try your local bee group to see if they'll help you catch or collect a swarm.

Weve had 2 this year already!
Rick & Carol

Very interesting - we wern't really planning for a colony til next year but I'll get a wiggle on to make up some brood frames & get some lemon balm - just bee interesting to see what happens

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