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Dave C

Nice hunt about with Fern

Fern's been in season and hasnt been far so it was time to have a walk round the dale to stretch her legs.

Few Pics
She was very keen as normal, and covered the ground very fast

I had to steady her when the whole flock of Geese ran down the bankside in front of her

Finally i shot something :whistling:

Quick breather before sending her out again

Fern getting into cover

nice Jackdaw retrieve

She worked her heart out, its just a pity there wasnt much about, but a nice afternoon.


Good pics Mate.

Looks like Fern is coming along nicely, how old is she.

great pics - sounds like you both had a nice day out
Dave C

She is coming on well thanks lads, she has just gone a year and is becoming a nice versitile hunting dog, whether she is bushing with my Lurcher and Terriers, Sitting in a Pigeon hide or working the reed beds of the Dale.
She is a real athletic type, with Excellent staminar and hits cover really hard, what more could i ask for, i am chufft


       Over the Gate Forum Index -> Hunting
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