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Nice day out lined up today.

At ten around then this morning, I'll have done my jobs around the holding and then I'll be off up into the hills for a few hours trout fishing in the mountain lake  that I went to a week or two ago. The weather looks to be on the improve and it should be a good day.

Hopefully, I'll have an interesting update later on today.

Happy fluff flicking.

The same place.

Another day.

But the same result. One tiddly very thin brown trout.

Now you know that I've got to say this don't you ? It was still a brilliant day. Fantastic scenery but what really thrilled me, was the fact that there was at least six cuckoos calling all day from all corners of the lake.

The first one that I heard was somewhere in the little wood that you can see in the distance on the first photograph. he seemed to trigger all the others off and by the end of the day, I felt like a Swiss clock.

It would have been nice to have been eating trout for supper tonight but instead i had to make do with a steak pie.

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