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Next Project...

Once I have finished the patio area that is, first long weekend off and its decided to p' down for most of it. Mondays forecast is even worse.

So its go me thinking, I'd like to build a fair size rockery come alpine garden.

Tips will be gladly received . As I'll be working off a fairly blank canvas, should the rockery face north to south ect ? There are plenty of large boulders to hand, So what other materials will I require to complete?

I know I can google all this sort of info, but as always feel first hand experience is far more useful.

difficult to say too many combinations
does the site exist or starting from scratch what plants do you want to grow soil suitable for the plant to grow
I have built several rockeries i pile the soil up to the height i want then sculpture it to the shape i want leveling the steps and dig the hollows where the stones will be then cover it all over with a appropiate weed suppressor and put the stones in place then plant up and cover with appropiate gravel chippings or bark etc. if the rockery as four sides it will not make any difference whether it is north south or east west just plant out accordingly the best part of a rockery is the building of it enjoy youself photo's would be good

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