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newbie chicken advice?

We have just moved to a property with a lot more garden than we had, for the main purpose of growing a lot of our own food and possibly having some chickens for eggs and meat.
I'm wondering about the financial viability of raising chickens to eat, as I know grain is expensive for small scale keepers,
And also a breed that would be adequate for laying and eating? Also, space requirements? How much room would we need for happy chickens?
Were here to eat more organically, save money and leave a smaller footprint.

If I were you, I'd have some of my utility Light Sussex hatching eggs. They lay well and eat well.
Home produced chicken is never going to be as cheap as the tasteless crud sold as chicken in the supermarkets but its going to taste ten times better.

I'll get a photo of one of my little units, that I'd say would be suitable for housing six to eight fattening birds.

As far as the cost of feed is concerned, I'm a small scale poultry keeper but I'm still able to make quite a saving by buying my grain direct from the farm. I buu wheat in ten to twenty bag loads and store it in plastic barrels. As long as its kept dry and away from rats and mice, it will virtually keep for ever. I'm currently paying four pounds for a 25kg bag of wheat.

Thanks Bodger! I'm grateful for any help and advice and I love pictures 😀  I've kept chickens before over the bears but only ever 4-5 layers at a time.

They won't be cheaper than supermarket frankenhens but might well be a bit cheaper than genuine free range slower growing breed. There is also the certain knowledge of what they've eaten and how they've been kept and dispatched, the value of which cannot be measured in money.
They will also help you reduce vegetable waste and provide chicken manure.
I suggest you make a secure covered run for use in emergencies/winter with about 4sq ft (2x2ft) per hen and let them out into 'paddocks', a big open run, or the rest of the garden as appropriate and safe to do so.

eta 4ft per hen will not stay green for long even with rainfall, but it's not so much that you can't roof it and keep them out of mud when they've sctratched the open run bare and it needs to recover.

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